BCCPAC Info on Job Action

Email sent from BCCPAC on March 6th:

These are challenging times for parents and students. BCCPAC will endeavour to provide information on the current dispute between the BC Teachers’ Federation and the Ministry of Education as we receive it from both parties over the next couple of days.

We have received several comments in response to the two emails that were shared yesterday, 1) from the Ministry of Education, 2) from the BC Teachers’ Federation. BCCPAC would like to clarify that these information bulletins represent the position of the authors (the BC Teachers’ Federation and the Ministry of Education) and should be viewed from these perspectives.

The information we receive from 3rd parties is shared for your information only and we provide no guarantees or warranties (expressed or implied) as to the reliability, accuracy  or completeness of the information shared.  Additional links to information on Bill 22, 27, 28, BCTF and Ministry of Education positions and today’s news releases can be found here http://www.bccpac.bc.ca/index/bill22.aspx

 We encourage our members to continue to support parents through these challenging times as BCCPAC continues to work with educational partners to build relationships, seek solutions, and opportunities for collaboration to support student success.


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