We have 23 PACs in School District 57 who are eligible to vote at the BCCPAC AGM this Saturday May 2 from 9:30-11:30am ONLINE. See the list here. Please ensure you are registered and have received the zoom information.

Here are some notes from our DPAC Chairperson Andrea Beckett:

  • For PAC’s that are an active member of BCCPAC for this year one member of your PAC should have received a registration email link for the virtual BCCPAC AGM on May 2nd.
  • If a member of your PAC executive has not received a email registration link for the BCCPAC AGM on May 2nd, please contact the BCCPAC immediately via phone at (604) 474-0524 and confirm which PAC executive member will be attending the AGM –  registration was due by April 24th so please contact BCCPAC immediately if no registration link was received.
  • Only PAC’s who paid for their BCCPAC membership and are Active BCCPAC members would have gotten an registration link sent to one member of the executive (see https://www.bccpac.bc.ca/index.php/members/membership-list
  • If the PAC’s have any concerns or issues please call BCCPAC first, but otherwise please also contact the DPAC if you require assistance.
  • The BCCPAC AGM is May 2nd so this is an issue of utmost importance – please call BCCPAC at the number above if one member of your PAC’s executive did not get the link to register (the link was emailed out between April 6th and April 8th).

An email address is required when you register as a BCCPAC Member. This is the main email and contact name for your PAC which would have been used for the unique registration email.

Once you have registered, let us know at DPAC@sd57learn.com. DPAC will reimburse your $75 annual membership fee after your attendance at the AGM is confirmed.

Thank you for your involvement in our Provincial PARENT Voice!

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