White Hatter Recording

The Glenview Elementary parent community, and a few other SD57 parents, enjoyed a presentation from the White Hatter tonight.
Good news, the recording is available!
You must use this link within 48 hours. It will expire on June 3 at 6:30pm.

Brandon Laur presented for two goals: 1) enable children to do more online safely, and 2) reduce the parent’s anxiety and present a more balanced approach to media.

Here are 4 Steps to Internet Safety:

  1. Parental Participation and Communication
  2. Parental/Caregiver Supervision
  3. Tech Boundaries
  4. Software Tools

Some great parenting advice, discussion on balance, boundaries, and encouragement to be a role model and digital leader in the family.

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Again, thank you for selecting the White Hatter to deliver the important message of social media safety and digital literacy to your school community!

Last White Hatter Seminar

School District 57 has sponsored several White Hatter sessions for intermediate and secondary students, staff, and parents this Spring. Even though they are hosted by a specific school, DPAC has been given permission to share these opportunities. The link can’t be publicly shared so you must request it.

If you are unfamiliar with what the White Hatter does, check out their website.

Social Media Safety and Digital Literacy for Parents

Hosted by Glenview Elementary School on Tuesday June 1 at 6:30-8:30pm

Email DPAC@sd57.bc.ca for the link.

Parent Engagement and Succession Planning

Andrea Sinclair, BCCPAC President, finished the Parent Conference on Saturday May 29 with a very informative presentation for parents on the importance of engagement and succession planning.

PACs do incredible work in our school communities. Regular meetings, elected Executive Members, and record keeping is important to keep the society operating providing signing authority for the bank accounts and application/distribution of Gaming Grant funds. If your PAC is struggling with basic function and dwindling members, email DPAC for support.

The Administration Staff (Principal) supports the function of the PAC and attends the meetings to provide school information and educational updates. PAC distributes gaming and general funds to support students and staff at the school. The parent voice is important at the school, district, and provincial levels so speak up and access resources when issues arise. Fundraising and hot lunches are fantastic programs and events to promote community, but are not the PAC’s primary mandate.

If you are a parent of a student in K-12 at SD57, consider attending PAC meetings for your school or Distributed Learning/Alternate program. There is always a place for you to contribute.

If you are involved in PAC, start thinking about writing things down and passing information on to another person to take over for you. If you need information about your role, contact DPAC or find resources on the BCCPAC website and Leadership Manual.

This session is IMPERATIVE for all PAC Members who have ever struggled to engage with parents. We can all relate! It was recorded and will be shared. Watch for it and plan to view it with your PAC executives. In the meantime check out PAC A to Z from the 2019 Conference here: (2) PAC A to Z – YouTube

We hope that participants will share this knowledge with their peers and PAC Members. Join DPAC at our General Meeting on June 7 to hear more.

BCCPAC Parent Conference Day 2

The Zoom Webinar was jam packed with information for parents on Saturday May 29. Here is a brief summary of the presenters and some resources.

We received a thorough recorded presentation from Dr. Gordon Neufeld that outlined all of his research and practices on attachment with children. It is possible for children (and adults) to flourish through challenging times. Think of the plant analogy. In order to foster character traits (emergent, adaptive, integrative) that we want to see in our children, the conditions need to be conducive to growth. Where there are deep roots (belonging, love, being known), people feel attached and secure, and then you see fruitfulness. Discussion on important impacts on development (pyramid) including play, rest, feelings, attachment. 

Unfortunately Tyrone McNeil was unable to join us, so Jan Haugen presented on behalf of the First Nations Education Steering Committee. Great overview of the history, recommendations, and guidelines that are being implemented in BC’s education system. Many ways for parents and PACs to support. Check out these resources here: Learning First Peoples Classroom Resources – First Nations Education Steering Committee FNESC If we “make room on our Agenda” at PAC and DPAC meetings, it opens the door for more discussion and involvement from first nations parents.

After lunch, Dr. Greg Gerber from Safer Schools Together gave an eye opening picture of where kids and teens are coping through the pandemic and some serious implications related to social media and online safety. There are tips and tools for parents to be aware of and intervene when warning signs present themselves. Kids generally want attention and support through difficult social and emotional situations. Check out the parent guide below and resources here.

Dr. Ashley Miller explained what it means when parents “flip their lid”, reacting instead of responding to a situation with their children. The “Parent Alarm” goes off and we can either feel guilt or follow a better way of responding. She suggested that parents attend to their own needs first in order to better support their families. She recommended 1) putting a child’s feelings/concerns into works and acknowledging how difficult it is and then 2) finding ways to provide emotional/practical support. Below is a list of helpful resources for parents.

We recommend reviewing BCCPAC’s website here and following them on Facebook to get regular updates and links to resources. Talk to your PAC about being a member and sharing the periodic email updates. They do so much to advocate for parents and support PACs.

BCCPAC Parent Conference Day 1

We have 8 parents participating from SD57 and we are enjoying some learning and community among parents all over BC, approximately 120 participants.

We received an engaging message from the Minister of Education, Hon Minister Jennifer Whiteside. She highlighted some good news stories featured here: Good News in Education – Province of British Columbia (gov.bc.ca) She mentioned many issues and initiatives that the Ministry is engaged in and some exciting changes.

Presentation on Mental Health in Schools (MHIS) Strategy.

Presentation on the Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL) attached.

Some great breakout group discussions and ideas. The parent voice is so important and valued by the Ministry and Districts in BC. Keep engaging!

Virtual PAC Cafe Networking Event

It would be great if we could have representatives from all 41 PACs at our networking event tomorrow May 17 from 6:30-8pm. Zoom allows us to connect more people at the same time to share information and resources. Grab a drink and a device, and come chat with us!

Find us on Facebook and view the event here. Feel free to invite all PAC parents!

Email DPAC@sd57.bc.ca for the Zoom link.

Social Media Awareness for Students and Parents

Here are some opportunities for students and parents to do some training regarding Social Media Awareness, Internet Safety, and Cyberbullying.

Contact DPAC@sd57.bc.ca for the link to any of these events below.

ERASE: Social Media Awareness, Digital Footprints and Cyberbullying
Date: Monday May 17
Time(s): either 10:30-11:30am OR 1:00-2:00pm
Who: Students in grade 8-12 and their parents

White Hatter – Nukko Lake Elementary
Date: Tuesday May 25
Time: 9:45am
Who: Students in grade 6-7

White Hatter – Glenview Elementary
Date: Tuesday June 1
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Who: Parents of Glenview students, parents of other student groups who received a recent White Hatter presentation, or any interested SD57 parents

Contact DPAC Executive anytime you have questions exec@sd57dpac.ca.

BCCPAC May Updates

Take a peek at some PAC and Parent resources in the BCCPAC update including The Framework for Enhancing Student Learning, updates about Gaming Grants and Zoom licenses, and links to parent information websites to enhance social emotional learning and safety for children.

May Newsletter

Any parents who are interested in attending this Conference, contact your PAC or DPAC for your $35 reimbursement.

Annual Parent Education Conference – May 28-29, 2021

We are excited for you to join us virtually for our annual parent education conference on Friday May 28 and Saturday May 29, 2021. Our conference speakers and sessions will cover 10+ hours of valuable content for you and your PAC parent community! Our online format over two days enables parents/guardians/caregivers from across the province to safely participate from their home or office. Register Now!

Virtual PAC Cafe – May 17

As discussed with the Membership at our last two DPAC Meetings, we would like to hold a Virtual PAC Cafe in May to facilitate communication between PACs and DPAC. This is a place where PAC Members can share information with each other and give input to DPAC on how we can support. An opportunity to network and discuss what is working and what concerns your school may have. For elementary and secondary PACs.

Virtual PAC Cafe
DATE: Monday May 17
TIME: 6:30 – 8pm
ZOOM Info: email DPAC@sd57.bc.ca to register and receive the Zoom link

We are starting with a few announcements about DPAC and BCCPAC. We will briefly outline a recent Gaming Grant Seminar. Then our discussions will follow these themes: Engagement, Advisory, Sponsorships.

1) Engagement – How does your PAC connect with parents in your school? What does your PAC do to engage with students, staff, and parents? What are some ways you can engage with the whole school community?
2) Advisory – How does your PAC discuss and advocate on issues related to education, funding, and policy within your school and district? If there is a concern raised, do you feel like you have the support from School Administration, DPAC, and other resources?
3) Sponsorships – How does your PAC spend your funds? What can you sponsor and support that benefits the school and is sustainable? How has the pandemic effected your ability to support meaningful initiatives?

Look forward to seeing you there! Spread the word to ALL your PAC Members (not just Execs). Thanks!

DPAC Minutes – May 2021

Our DPAC AGM went well. Thank you to all the PACs for joining and creating quorum.

We are pleased to announce our new executive members:

  • Chair – Andrea Beckett 
  • Vice-Chair – Laura Weller 
  • Treasurer – Arlene McKibbin 
  • Secretary – Rickie Mitchell 
  • Director – Gillian Burnett 
  • Director – Christa Porter  

We had a lively discussion about wellness, workload, and sustainability for teachers and staff at SD57. This is the statement from DPAC:

We acknowledge that teachers have done their best in a difficult year when they have been asked to do more and more with less and less (less certainty, less protection) and that teachers and the public school system are critical to the health and well-being of students and families.  That’s a heavy load to bear.  We acknowledge that teachers in classrooms are critical to reaching students and bringing out their best. This is not to say that other staff members do not contribute in meaningful ways to support our kids – it takes a team, it takes a village. 
But teachers. Teachers are something else and we recognize that teachers don’t come to the profession as anything less than seeing it as a calling and an honour to support children and the community at large.  They are the frontline to children, they become a special part of a student’s growth.  As adults we all remember special teachers that had an impact on our own growth and brought us to a path we would not have discovered without them.  How can we make sure our kids have the same experience without burning out highly trained, compassionate educators? 

Then some questions were sent out to teachers and responses are coallated in the document below.