BCCPAC September Update

The latest update from BCCPAC emailed on September 1 can be viewed here. There are some important updates and useful information for all parents. Feel free to share!

You’ll see links to the full Return to School Recovery Plan and protocols from BC Centre for Disease Control.

A link to the Mental Health Strategy in Schools. You can read the full report.


Online Learning programs are being developed and rolled out province wide. BCCPAC is involved in the consultation process and doing exciting work!


The RCMP has an opportunity for youth to participate in an Advisory Committee.

There is a summary and link to the SD57 Special Advisors Report.

And an exhaustive list of parent resources.

If your PAC is not a member of BCCPAC yet, please register! There is considerable value for the $75 membership fee. And you can use your gaming funds! If your PAC has not applied for Gaming Grant, search for how-tos on the BCCPAC website or contact DPAC for support!

Contact us anytime at info@sd57dpac.ca.