Parent Lunch Survey Reminder

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We posted our survey one week ago at, and at this point we have 622 responses from parents.  On average, people take 6 minutes to complete the survey.

We would like to get more responses from the following elementary schools, as we have 10 or fewer responses from these schools:

  • Giscome Elementary
  • Harwin Elementary
  • Heritage Elementary
  • Hixon Elementary
  • McBride Centennial Elementary
  • Morfee Elementary
  • Nukko Lake Elementary
  • Nusdeh Yoh
  • Peden Hill Elementary
  • Quinson Elementary
  • Ron Brent Elementary
  • Southridge Elementary
  • Valemount Elementary
  • Van Bien Elementary

We have 6 schools with 11 to 20 responses, and 8 schools with 21 to 50 responses, and 4 schools with over 50 responses.

Parents had let DPAC know about some concerns with students and time to eat lunch, and we have been looking to get more data on these concerns and then presenting this to the district. We definitely have data indicating concerns at this point, and would like to make this as complete as possible.


2 thoughts on “Parent Lunch Survey Reminder”

  1. I have a grade 6 girl and a kindergarten female student both of them come home with most of their lunch still in the bag. And both of them starving. It’s terrible. Especially when they are so little to rest that fast.

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