Lead in school water

Online database: Check water tests from your child's school

“Last year, following a Sun/Province investigation, the province ordered schools to test lead levels in drinking water over the next three years. Last weekend, the newspapers revealed the first round of results from those tests: more than half of B.C.’s 60 school districts had unsafe levels of lead in drinking water sources in 2016 and early 2017.”

School District 57 publications on lead in schools:


The purpose of this communication is to keep you informed regarding the ongoing provision of safe drinking water to our students and staff. 

2017.08.30 Lead Mitigation Plan Update.pdf

2017.05.05 Lead Mitigation Plan Update.pdf

2017.05.01 Lead Mitigation Plan Update 10.pdf

Lead Mitigation – Results April 2017.pdf

2017.04.24 Lead Mitigation Plan Update No. 9.pdf

2016.11.23 Lead Mitigation Update.pdf

Results of Water Quality Testing as of August 12, 2016.pdf

Results of Water Quality Testing as of June 29, 2016.pdf

2016.09.06 Letter to Parents re Drinking Water.pdf

Press Release – July 7, 2016 – Water Testing.pdf