PACs and Gaming Grants

If your PAC does not appear on the list below, then as of Monday, June 27th, at 7:30am, your PAC has not yet applied for your gaming grant for the 2016/17 school year – and the deadline is June 30th.

This grant is for $20 per student (the previous year’s student numbers), and can be spent only on extra curricular activities.

You can apply here:

If you have any questions, the gaming people are always wonderful to deal with – they want the students to benefit from this money.

  • Hixon Elementary School Parent Advisory Council
  • McBride Secondary School
  • Blackburn Elementary School PAC
  • Buckhorn Elementary P.A.C.
  • Centre For Learning Alternatives PAC
  • College Heights Elementary School PAC
  • College Heights Secondary School PAC
  • DP Todd Secondary School PAC
  • Duchess Park Secondary School P.A.C.
  • Ecole Heather Park Elementary School PAC
  • Edgewood Elementary Parent Advisory Council
  • Foothills Elementary Parent Advisory Council
  • Glenview Elementary PAC
  • Hart Highlands P.A.C.
  • Harwin Elementary School P.A.C.
  • Heritage Elementary P.A.C.
  • Highglen Montessori Elementary School PAC
  • Kelly Road Secondary School PAC
  • Lac des Bois PAC
  • Nukko Lake Elementary School PAC
  • Pineview Parents Advisory Council
  • Quinson Elementary Parent Advisory Council
  • Ron Brent Elementary School P.A.C.
  • Southridge Elementary School PAC
  • Spruceland Traditional Elementary School PAC
  • Westwood Elementary School P.A.C.