Gaming Grants for PACs

PACs can apply for gaming grants for their students, of $20 per student, and the deadline is June 30th.

There are a variety of criteria for how these funds can be spent, as listed on their website:


As of May 31, 2016, the following PACs from this district have applied for the grant:

  • Blackburn Elementary School PAC
  • Buckhorn Elementary P.A.C.
  • College Heights Secondary School PAC
  • Ecole Heather Park Elementary School PAC
  • Foothills Elementary Parent Advisory Council
  • Hart Highlands P.A.C.
  • Highglen Montessori Elementary School PAC
  • Lac des Bois PAC
  • Nukko Lake Elementary School PAC
  • Southridge Elementary School PAC
  • Westwood Elementary School P.A.C.

If your PAC isn’t on this list, don’t forget to apply!