Subscribing to school calendars

At the last DPAC meeting, it was mentioned that people can get school calendars to show up on their own electronic calendars, which can be a very useful way to keep track of what is going on.

To do so, you’ll need to go to your school’s website, and find the Calendar page.

On the upper right hand side, you’ll see Subscribe, next to a little icon of a calendar. If you click on that, you’ll see a link, an address that starts out webcal://  (and then it will continue).

Depending on your system, clicking on the link may set it up in your calendar. If not:
* copy the link address onto your clipboard
* go to your current calendar – I’ll give the example for Google calendar
* on the left, you’ll see Other calendars, and a little drop down icon
* if you click there, you’ll see a list of options, including Add by URL. Paste the webcal address there.
* you’ll now see that schools’ calendar listed under your other calendars, and you can even change the colour of those events.

If you have a different calendar program, try googling for “webcal” and the calendar name.