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DRAFT – Minutes from November 2, 2015 Meeting

DPAC MINUTES FOR November 2, 2015
7:00 p.m. Van Bien Training Centre

DPAC Executive: Sarah Holland (Chair), Gillian Burnett (Treasurer), Mike Gagel, Steve Shannon, Darlene Campbell
Partner Groups:
School Reps: Jacqueline Dockray – Ecole College Heights; Darlene Campbell – Duchess Park; Shara Schenk, Sarah Foot – Edgewood;Mandy Levesque – Hart Highlands; Kim Shannon – Kelly Road; Shauna Connor – Lac Des Bois; Gillian Burnett – Nukko Lake; Charleen Henyu – Nusdeh Yoh; Kim Pryschlak – Quinson; Mike Gagel – Southridge; Heather Isaak – Vanway; Raylene Anderson, Kerry Williams-Polaris; Mandy Levesque – Hart Highlands; Nicole Laferriere Munger- Duchess Park

1. Call to Order, Secretary 7:01 pm
Call for volunteer to record the meeting and prepare minutes. Shauna Connor – Lac des Bois volunteers.

2. Adoption of Agenda
Gillian to talk about money in the Treasure’s report.

3. Adoption of Minutes
Amendments – none
Adopt as circulated – Gillian

PAC Networking
Teacher interviews, Haunted houses, Movie nights, Presentations before PAC meetings, Traffic presentations, Thank you cards for DPAC funding, Telus clearing property, Excellent DPAC conference, Garden Community, Popcorn Day, Bussing, Using

Five MLA’s attended Northern Interior Trustees meeting – 4 Cabinet Ministers and Education Minister, MyEdBC has growing pains, security concerns and problems with connection speed.

4. Partner Group Presentations
a) DSAC– Not in attendance
b) CUPE (Karen Wong) – Unable to attend out of town.
c) PGDTA (Richard Giroday) – Sick
d) PGPVPA (Dan Watt) – Sick
e) PEA (Nicole Harris) – Not in attendance
f) Superintendent (Brian Pepper) – Sick
g) Trustee (Brenda Hooker) – Unable to attend. See attached.
5. Elections – Vacant Director position
Will ask at next meeting

6. Officer and Committee Reports
a) Executive Board Report (Sarah Holland) – see attached
Media – annual facility grant and new Kelly Road School
b) Treasurer’s Report (Gillian) – see attached 3 Reports
• Did receive $2500 gaming grant
• Bills coming in for DPAC conference
• When PAC’s give money to school it is reported out as income by School District. Ten million (includes bursaries & scholarships). PAC’s are better off paying vendors than giving money to schools. PAC’s giving money has no negative impact on school funding, they just need to report it.
c) Audit report (Kim Shannon, Candice Bate)
• Met at Gillians
• Some missing receipts
• Recommended:
• Always have support receipts and print email receipts.
• Document motions on cheques
• Staple all receipts together
• Treasurer needs paperclip funds.
• Gillian recommends a checklist for travel requests form & expense form (She will be discussing this at DPAC executive meeting)

d) BCCPAC Report (Darlene Campbell) – Darlene is not attending meeting this weekend.

Snack Break 8:15-8:25

7. PAC and Parent Assistance
a) Communicating with PACs and parents – looking for any ideas about how to improve our effectiveness in this area. You don’t always have Principal’s support and what about including DPAC information in school or PAC newsletter.
b) Grant requests – None

c) Fall Conference Report

• 86 Registered

• 40 PAC tickets – 31 attended and 9 no shows. Cost DPAC about $300 in food costs.

• Some PAC’s didn’t share conference information to Parents if PAC people didn’t want to attend.

• 26 attendees from out of town.

• 20 Schools attended representing half of the school district.

• Bob Harris (Trustee) raved about the conference at the School Board meeting.

d) Future event planning

• General Interest Workshops like Gary Annaka

• What about sending out a survey for workshops people would like to see.

• Send out survey to Parents through website and social media.

• Anxiety and Mental Health workshops.

8. Advising School District

a) Education Service Committee Report (Steve Shannon) – no meeting until next week.

b) Education Programs and Planning Committee Report (Mike Gagel)

• 1st meeting of the year.

• Presentations

• Programs in place for high school kids to get credit for college courses

• Wanting to fund scholarships for dental assisting & power engineering

• Awards update

• School District doesn`t issue cheques for scholarships, moving to a voucher system.

• Mr. Karpenko was working last year on a special program on trades, will be asking if he would assist with elementary kids and trades.

c) Policy and Governance

• Whistleblower policy

• Protecting employees

• May want to look at protecting parents and non- employees

• They would need more staff to manage a policy like that

d) Suggestions for School Board Report

9. Other Business

a) Radon

• Invest in radon detectors

• Province tested in the 90`s

• Northern Health looking into taking information they shared at Cancer society back to the School District.

• Want DPAC to continue to pursue.

b) DPAC Chair Summit November 7 – three questions for discussion:

What areas do you believe are most important for you DPAC to focus on?

What resources or information would help your DPAC be more effective?

In a perfect world, what role would you like your DPAC to play in your district?

Assisting PAC`s and advising School District. Assisting Parents with Treasurer 101, Roberts Rules, and maybe having a large conference every 2 years and smaller ones on the off years.

10. Agenda items for next meeting

11. Adjournment 9:35 pm – Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 7th at 7:00 pm, Van Bien.

DPAC questions:

• What exactly is the insurance for, that Parent`s pay when their children play sport?

Advanced Employment Skills Certificate (AESC) Program

This post has information about a new UNBC Program, which may be of interest to parents of grade 12 students in Prince George.

The Program is called the Advanced Employment Skills Certificate (AESC) Program; plans are to run it for the first time in Prince George in September, 2016.

There is an information session about the AESC on Wednesday, November 25th at 7pm in the UNBC Teaching & Learning Atrium (invite attached).

See for more information.


Sports Day Flyer from City of Prince George


Sports Day in Canada (November 21st) is a day to celebrate sport across the nation.  The City of Prince George, in partnership with PacificSport Northern BC and the YMCA of Northern BC,  are promoting a number of FREE  activities during the week of November 14th to November 21st.  Please find two attachments to this email:

  1. Celebrate Sports Day in Canada flyer listing some great activities that are free to the community in celebration of Sports Day.  Enjoy a number of different sports or activities during the week: activities for nearly all ages are available.
  2. YMCA Yoga for Peace poster with information about free yoga classes available at the YMCA on November 14th.  The Yoga programs are for ages 14 years and up.


These  flyers are promoted as a community service by the City of Prince George and partnering organizations.

The Sports Day flyers/posters are also available on the City Of Prince George website at under City Living>Recreation>Youth Programs).   This is the direct link: http://cityadmin/cityliving/recreation/YouthPrograms/SportsDay

Please feel free to link to this site on your school websites and list it in your November newsletters.  A link in the school monthly newsletter is the best way to reach most students and parents/caregivers.  Please also feel free to share the flyer or link with staff, administration as well as parents and students.

As part of the Sports Day celebrations, don’t forget that Friday November 20th is Jersey Day across Canada.  It’s a great opportunity to get students and staff wearing their favourite team jersey or club uniform to school, work or play!  For more information about Jersey Day visit the Sports Day in Canada website at:

Thank you for your time in sharing this resource.

Please note: The Community Partnerships offices have moved to #201-1300 First Ave (above Tourism PG)

Marta Gregor

Community Coordinator, City of Prince George

Phone: (250) 561-7798  Fax: (250) 561-7799


Motivation and Your Teen

motivation and your teen


Big image
 Hello Everyone!

hello everyone!

Please check out the resources included in this flyer on motivation and your teen. Click below and get an e-book – 16 Keys To Motivating Your Teenager. There is a neat video clip on growth mindset and a list of community counselling services in our school district.

Linda Campbell

e-book, 16 Keys To Motivating Your Teenager. by Daniel Wong

Download the e-book here


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for teens to read

mental illness and substance abuse hurts motivation

Mental health difficulties can make life challenging, and they can zap our motivation and zest for life. We can find it hard to be enthusiastic about doing anything.

a great video clip to watch with your teen or child

and If you are ever worried at all about your child’s mental health, great resources below

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Continue reading Motivation and Your Teen