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Are you interested in attending the BCCPAC conference and AGM?

The conference and AGM will be held in Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, April 30th to May 3rd. More information on the conference available here:

If you are interested in attending, DPAC has some funding that can be used to send people. We would ask that you put your reasons for wanting to attend in writing, preferably send to, and then a decision will be made at the April 13th general meeting. We would also ask that you attend the Resolutions workshop, which will be held Saturday, April 11th, starting at 11am. More detail here:

Don’t forget to register for the workshop, as otherwise we won’t be able to feed you lunch!



DRAFT minutes from March 2015 Meeting

DPAC MINUTES FOR March 9th, 2015
7:00 p.m. Van Bien Training and Development Centre

DPAC Executive: Sarah Holland (Chair), Chris Finke (Vice Chair), Gillian Burnett (Treasurer), Darlene Campbell (District Associate & BCCPAC Rep)
Partner Groups: Brian Pepper, Superintendent; Brenda Hooker, Trustee; Tina Cousins, PGDTA;

1. Adoption of Agenda
Unanimous consent

2. Adoption of Feb 2nd, 2015 Minutes
Adopted as amended (Henyu misspelled)

3. PAC Networking
• Internet Safety – great success
• Bear Trail at Nukko being looked at
• Various Fundraising intiatives including Annual Raffle at HP which raises $15-$17 thousand
• Leadership Day at College Heights
• Canada Post – has grants available for $15,000 (?)
• Tom Schimmer presentation – 16 people attended
• DPAC needs a secretary and DPAC website technician

4. Reports
(a) DSAC Report – not present
(b) CUPE Report – not present – will come in April – hiring CUPE staff like crazy
(c) PGDTA Report – Back into groove – nose to grindstone time of the year. Part of the CWG curriculum was designed by teachers in PG; FA at UNBC on strike – PGDTA there to support.
(d) PGPVPA Report – Professional Learning taking place – Supervision for Learning – 3 people from across the province work together to improve practice – get together for face2face meetings too. Conferences: Whistler – national and provincial conferences – both chaired by PG Principals and a mini-conference; Well involved in committees provincially and in NID’s. Principals get involved in Learning Team Grants sometimes; collaboration within schools, and would like to tie it in within Families of Schools. Principals support teachers supporting students.
(e) PEA Report – not present
(f) Superintendent Report – see attached report – Every school in district is involved in Strategic Planning; Budgets; Something exciting coming up? No vandalism during CWG – positive experience all around. Criteria for having VP’s in schools: Tier 1 Schools must have them; VP’s in the 4 largest schools.
(g) Trustee Report – see attached report

5. Committee Reports
a) Executive Board Report (Sarah Holland) – see attached report
b) Treasurers Report (Chris Finke) – see attached report
c) BCCPAC Report (Dennis Fudge) – Resolutions and nomination booklets are online – conference schedule done; Sarah invited to BCCPAC committee – accountability framework to replace SPC model

Presentation by Walter Sorokovsky, Apprenticeship Advisor Prince George, Industry Training Association: Raise awareness of the apprenticeship system and let people know it is a choice. Consists of 15-20% technical training and 80% work-based training and a Red Seal exam at the end.

6. PAC and Parent Assistance
a) Grant Requests – none
b) Fall Conference Planning – Darlene to put together Doodle request for committee meeting

7. Advising School District
a) Education Services report (Steve Shannon) – not present
b) EPPC Committee Report (Darlene Campbell) – see report
c) Policy and Governance report (Sarah Holland) – Revisions to leave of Absence policy for teachers
d) Calendar committee report – no committee – 2016 two weeks beginning March 14th; 2017 two weeks beginning March 13th.
e) Expanded Committee of the Whole (ECOW – moo) (Gillian and Dennis) – meeting tomorrow
g) Suggestions for School Board Report – none
8. Other Business
a) BCCPAC Conference – looking for expressions of interest in attending by April 13th
b) BCCPAC Resolutions & election planning meeting – April 11th beginning at 11 am, lunch provided
c) Nominating Committee for DPAC elections in May – Chris and Darlene – all positions available.
Motion (Dennis Fudge): To provide a bottle of wine and a laptop to the person who becomes secretary
Second (Jacqui Dockray) Motion Carried.
9. Agenda items for next meeting…
Meeting adjourned 9:09 pm – Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 13th , 7:00 pm, Van Bien TC

BCCPAC Resolutions and elections

The 2015 resolutions and nominations book is here:

PACs who are members may cast a vote on these resolutions, and for the board of directors of BCCPAC.

PACs may cast their either by attending, or by supplying someone attending with their voting proxy:

DPAC strongly encourages voting, in order to increase our voice from the North. We will be providing our PACs with names to write in, as representatives, and will be collecting these proxies ASAP.

Find out more about the proxy voting process here: what the heck is a proxy


The following PACs are currently members of BCCPAC:

Beaverly Elementary
College Heights Elementary (Ecole)
College Heights Secondary
DPAC SD#57 Prince George
Duchess Park Secondary
Edgewood Elementary
Foothills Elementary
Giscome Elementary
Glenview Elementary
Heather Park Elementary
Heritage Elementary
Highglen Montessori Elementary
Hixon Elementary School
Lac des Bois (Ecole)
Mackenzie Secondary
Malaspina Elementary
Morfee Elementary
Nukko Lake Elementary
Nusdeh Yoh
Peden Hill Elementary
Pineview Elementary
Prince George Secondary
Quinson Elementary
Southridge Elementary
Spruceland Traditional
Van Bien Elementary
Vanway Elementary