This Year Feels Different: Dealing with Uncertainty about Back to School

There is always a nice certainty for families in going back to school in early September. Most parents and kids are excited about a new school year, entering a new grade or school for the first time. As we approach the end of summer holidays, parents, children and staff are wondering when the “first day back” will be.

The only constant in life seems that it will involve change. Trusting that whatever happens, you can adapt and make the best of it. Here are some strategies for you and your children to prepare for the different possibilities.

Replace expectations with plans.
Expecting the best but planning for the worst is usually helpful. Backup plans
for work, daycare, and activities are very important.

Prepare for different possibilities.
Stay tuned for the latest news from radio, your parent advisory council and school.

Make the best of a challenging situation.
Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the “feelings” of uncertainty and become anxious or negative. You may not be able to predict the future but it does help to foster any positive feelings about it the possibilities and know that “this too shall pass”.

Be confident about your coping and adapting skills.
I have always found kids to be remarkably resilient, especially when the parents appear to be coping.

Use your stress reduction techniques early.
If you’re dealing with uncertainty, you probably have stress in your body, even if it’s not at the forefront of your thoughts in this exact moment. Incorporate stress reduction techniques into your day.

Focus on what you can control.
Often times, we overlook the little things we can do to make life easier while obsessing about the big things we can’t do. Developing a plan and being adaptable will help.

There will be a First Day of School and I always find it exciting!

adapted from Lori Deschene

Linda Campbell
School Counsellor