Draft of District Achievement Contract

From SD57 website: http://www.sd57.bc.ca/index.php?id=4060

District Achievement Contract

Please click on this link to view the 2014 – 2017 DRAFT District Achievement Contract.

The District Achievement Contract is a public statement of commitment by the Board of Education to work towards success for each student in School District No. 57. The Ministry of Education stipulates that each Achievement Contract cover a period of 3 years, however, we are required to submit a new Achievement Contract every year.

While the Ministry of Education outlines what must be included in an Achievement Contract, this year’s contact looks different in layout than previous years. We hope that you will find it more reader-friendly as we have embedded data throughout the document rather than attaching it in an appendix.

In reading the document, you will discover that we have not abandoned the work in our ongoing goals and objectives as stated in previous District Achievement Contracts. This includes objectives for reading, numeracy and Aboriginal learning.

Of note regarding new additions this year is the objective that meets the ministerial requirement for a focus on Skills and Technical Training.

Feedback on the DRAFT District Achivement Contract can be sent to dac@sd57.bc.ca

Thank you for taking the time to read, and perhaps comment, on this draft document.