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Public lecture by Dr. Stuart Shanker

Self Regulation
What it is and why it is important for learning

Public lecture by Dr. Stuart Shanker
Thursday Jan 30th, 2014
6:30-8:30 PM
Vanier Hall
2901 Griffiths Ave (PGSS)

Please register by contacting
250-561-6800 ext 341
250-561-6800 ext 209

This event is FREE to everyone and Registration is required

Interested in finding out more on self regulation? Try here: stuart shanker


PAC funding for workshops available from DPAC

Is your PAC interesting in hiring a speaker for a PAC event? DPAC may be able to assist your PAC in bringing in a speaker.

Decisions on funding are made at general DPAC meetings, usually held on the first Monday of each month. Please submit the request at least one week in advance of the meeting. DPAC has a limited amount of money for grants, and may not be able to fund all requests. Cheques will not be issued until the event occurs, and a final invoice is available.

Please complete the information on this form and submit via email

Use of funds:

  • Speaker Grants: up to $300 towards hiring speakers for PAC events
  • Family of Schools Grants: up to $200 contribution toward a joint event within a family of schools, serving to improve communication/interaction between schools
  • Anti-bullying Grant: up to $200 for PACs to promote anti-bullying in their school
  • BCCPAC Conference Attendance: an application may be made if there is any excess DPAC funding to pay for PAC parent attendance at BCCPAC conferences.

BC Teenager found guilty of child pornography

Canada’s teens were warned Friday to be aware of who takes their picture and where those images may end up after a Victoria-area girl was convicted of distributing child pornography.

The 17-year-old girl who sent explicit texts of her boyfriend’s former girlfriend was also convicted of possession of child porn and uttering threats.

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Stop Hating Campaign

From the Federal government website:

You may have heard about serious cases of cyberbullying in the news. You may have heard about this happening to a child in your community, or maybe your own child has been involved. A large number of kids are being hurt by cyberbullying. It’s happening enough that, as a country, we need to do more about it.


That is why we have launched Stop Hating Online, a new cyberbullying public awareness campaign. Our goal is to start a national conversation about the impacts of cyberbullying, to give parents and teens the tools to stop it.

Get Cyber Safe now has comprehensive information on cyberbullying for both teens and the adults in their lives, on everything from recognizing the warning signs, to step-by-step instructions for dealing with it, to ways to encourage bystanders to stand up to cyberbullying.

Follow the conversation on our Facebook and Twitter channels, and watch for the TV ads. We all need to help to #StopHatingOnline! One child hurting is one too many.


A Message from CUPE at our last DPAC meeting

An important message for parent volunteers to consider.

January 12, 2014

As we see the end of the holiday season, and most of our celebrations are done, it’s a time to thank the parent volunteers for all their work in the classrooms. Their volunteer time is always appreciated, and many events depend on our parents stepping forward with time, skills and resources to make special events successful.

In our district, CUPE supports a welcoming and inclusive environment, and we value our parent’s abilities to contribute their time and expertise.

That being said, there is a grey area, a fine line, between volunteerism and CUPE work. As we move forward with the 2014 school year, we ask the parents to seriously consider the work they are asked to do.

Ideally, your volunteer work should supplement, not replace, the work of paid staff. Volunteer participation in schools should complement the work of our non-teaching staff.

We ask parents to please take a cautionary approach to the assignments you accept as helper chores. Also, you should not be in a situation where a student is disclosing to you. Yet these situations are not uncommon within our CUPE world. We have the training, we are aware of the chain of command and the duties to report. And we are prepared to process unexpected situations as they arise. I often think, as a parent, would I want my own children to be disclosing personal information to a volunteer parent?

CUPE members are held to the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism. We are para-professionals with training that is focused around the student’s social, emotional and educational needs.
CUPE asks the parents to consider the following questions.

1. Will your volunteer time result in a decrease in the funding for professional services provided to students?
2. Will your volunteer time result in an overall reduction in services to the students?
3. How much time are you contributing to the school?
4. Should this work be done on a consistent basis with a CUPE employee, or is it a piece-meal project that needs some additional helpers?
5. Do you think it is important that your volunteer time lead to permanent support for the classroom?
6. Do you think your volunteer time should be reported and tracked, so that in future years, the appropriate funding would be in place, for continual and permanent educational support?
7. Is your volunteer work a substitute for adequate staffing by professional and non-teaching support personnel?

We are not saying ‘do not volunteer’. Your volunteer time is invaluable in our district, and we do recognize the importance of the work you do on behalf of your children. But, moving forward with the 2014 school year, we would appreciate you keeping our concerns in mind.


Karen Wong
President, CUPE 3742
School District 57, Prince George, BC

Helping Kids Cope with Cliques

Helping Kids Cope with Cliques
imagesq.jpgYour 10-year-old daughter comes home crying because the girls she’s been friends with are suddenly leaving her out and spreading rumors about her. She’s confused because it seemed to happen out of the blue. She doesn’t know what she did wrong and is nervous about returning to school, unsure if she has any friends. You’re unsure how to help her –  you’ve heard a lot about kids being snubbed or teased at school, but you didn’t think it could happen to your outgoing, fun kid.
Cliques are often at their most intense in grades 6 – 9 but problems with cliques can start as early as 4th and 5th grades.
  • How Parents Can Help
  • As kids navigate friendships and cliques, there’s plenty parents can do to offer support. If your child seems upset, or suddenly spends time alone when usually very social, ask about it.
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Agenda – January 6, 2014 – General Meeting

A complete agenda package will be posted for Monday’s meeting.

To see the web broadcast of the meeting, please visit:

Agenda – DPAC General Meeting
Monday, January 6, 2014, 7:00 p.m. Van Bien Training and Development Centre

1. Call to order
2. Adoption of agenda and Adoption of December 2013 Minutes
3. PAC Networking
To increase the effectiveness of this section of the agenda, we suggest that people report on ideas that may be of interest to other PACs, or concerns that other PACs could help with.
7:30pm – Partner groups enter
4. Partner Group Presentations (5 minutes each).
a) DSAC Report (Graeme Mackenzie, Shelby Miller)
b) CUPE Report (Karen Wong)
c) Prince George District Teachers Association Report (Tina Cousins, Richard Giroday)
d) Prince George Principal and Vice Principals Association Report (Faith Mackay)
e) Professional Employees Association (Nicole Haines)
f) Superintendent Report (Brian Pepper)
g) Trustee Report (Kate Cooke)
(5 – 10 minute snack break, opportunity for further partner group discussions)
5. Officer and Committee Reports
a) Executive Board Report (Sarah Holland)
b) Treasurer’s Report (Gillian Burnett)
c) BCCPAC Report (Darlene Campbell)

6. PAC and Parent Assistance
a) Grant requests
b) Event scheduling – PAC Café, Fall conference
7. Advising School District
a) Education Services Committee Report (Steve, Dennis)
b) Education Programs and Planning Committee Report (Darlene, Chris)
c) Policy and Governance (Sarah, Chris)
d) Expanded committee of the Whole (Sarah, Gillian)
e) Calendar Committee (Darlene, Gillian)
f) Suggestions for School Board Report and School Board Partner meeting, being scheduled
g) Trustee Remuneration Committee, January 29 and February 19th, 3:30pm

8. Other Business
a) Request from Morfee parents for letter of support
b) Feedback – policy 5119
c) Feedback sought by school district on LGBTQ
d) Presentations to DPAC – are we interested in hearing about anything?
9. Agenda items for next meeting
10. Adjournment – Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 3rd, at 7:00 pm Van Bien Training and Development Centre.