DRAFT minutes – January 6, 2014

DPAC meeting minutes Jan 6, 2014

7:00 p.m. Van Bien Training and Development Centre

DPAC Executive: Sarah Holland (Chair), Chris Finke (Vice Chair); Gillian Burnett (Treasurer), Darlene Campbell (District Associate) , Steve Shannon (Technical Director), Michelle Yon (Director), and Inge Culhane (Secretary)
Partner Groups: Brian Pepper, Superintendent; Betty Bekkering, Trustee; Richard Giroday, PGDTA; Faith MacKay, PGPVPA; Karen Wong, CUPE; April Hendrickson, PEA;
School Reps: Jacqui Dockray, College Heights Elementary; Darlene Campbell, Duchess Park; Chris Finke, DP Todd; Inge Culhane, Edgewood; Sarah Holland, Heather Park; Michelle Yon, Hart Highlands; Steve and Kim Shannon, Kelly Road; Lotte Andersen, Nukko Lake; Darlene Campbell, Nusdeh Yoh; Amy Hudson, Pineview; Michelle Rolfes, PGSS; Jennifer Hicke, Southridge; Dennis Fudge, Spruceland;

Absentee School Reps: Beaverly; Blackburn; Buckhorn; College Heights Secondary; Ecole Lac des Bois; Foothills; Giscome; Glenview; Harwin; Heritage; Highglen; Hixon; Mackenzie Secondary; Malaspina; McBride Centennial; McBride Secondary; Peden Hill; Pinewood; Ron Brent; Valemount Elementary; Valemount Secondary; Van Bien; Vanway; Westwood;

1. Call to order

2. Adoption of Agenda and December 2013 Minutes-
*Add 7 (h) Superintendent review to the agenda.
Changes in December minutes:
*Gillian Burnett (Treasurer) was not in attendance
*PAC Networking – Spruceland “Ended up charging a candy cane for a BINGO sheet.”
*Partner Group Presentations – PEA Report – Caroline Northey not Marcia Waller
*Officer and Committee Reports – Treasures Report – Remove “Spoke to her report”

Adopted with changes by unanimous consent.

3. PAC Networking – Introductions
• Heather Park- Gaming raffle to raise money for accessible playground
• Nusdeh Yoh- Pancake breakfast canceled by school personnel

4. Partner Group Presentations
(a) DSAC Report- (Graeme MacKenzie (KRSS) and Shelby Miller (DPSS)) – Not in attendance.
(b) CUPE Report – (Karen Wong) – Spoke to her report. Bargaining has concluded. Contract expires in June 2014. Now creating another bargaining group. Bargaining will begin again in February 2014. Volunteerism.
(c) PGDTA Report – (Richard Giroday) Bargaining between BCTF, gov’t and agent for the gov’t was behind closed doors on websites – not take place in the media. Can not share a lot. Bargaining does not look good. Feb will be a complete year of bargaining. Legislation, Budget, and Bargaining all in February. No progress on salary or working conditions. Court case completed, judgments will come out in April. Job action ? – no plan in place at present time.
(d) PGPVPA Report – (Faith MacKay) Spoke to report. Changing how PGPVPA report to parents at the DPAC mtgs. Monthly agenda items to speak to: Feb- BC Principals and Vice-Principals Association Code of Ethics; March- Leadership standards for Principals and Vice-Principals; April- Professional Learning Opportunities; May- Mentorship and Capacity Building; June- Professional learning Communities; Sept- School Plans for Student Success. Lori Dennill and Faith MacKay will alternate attendance at DPAC mtgs.
(e) PEA Report – ( April Hendrickson) – Social worker coordinator and Aboriginal Education. Summary of Social Worker prgm. 8 Social Workers (7 within the schools). Focus on Social Emotional Health.
(f) Superintendent Report – (Brian Pepper)- Spoke to his report. Posted on DPAC Website. 7th straight year that the partners have worked together to assist students with improvements.
(g) Trustee Report – (Betty Bekkering)- Introduced herself. Involved in school districts for 40 years.
Instrumental in planning the PAC’s back in the 1980’s. Chair of Education services committee.

5. Officer and Committee Reports
a) Executive Board Report (Sarah Holland) – Spoke to her report. Attached in January agenda package.
b) Treasurers Report (Gillian Burnett) – Spoke to her report. Attached in January agenda package.
c) BCCPAC Report- Darlene Campbell. Date has changed for Spring Conference. May 29th in Richmond at Radison. AGM on Saturday and will continue to go into Sunday if needed. Deadlines for Resolutions end of January.

6. PAC and Parent Assistance
a) Grant requests – none at this time
b) Event Scheduling- PAC Cafe March 1 or 8 – DPAC Exec will look into venues and dates, Fall Conference-look into dates at later time

7. Advising School District
a) Education Services report (Steve Shannon ) – No external Committee meetings in December.
b) EPPC Committee Report (Darlene Campbell) – No external Committee meetings in December.
c) Policy and Governance report (Sarah Holland) – No external Committee meetings in December.
d) Expanded Committee of the Whole ( Gillian Burnett & Sarah Holland)- No external Committee meetings in December.
e) Calender Committee- (Darlene Campbell and Gillian Burnett) – Will meet on Jan 23.
f) Suggestions for School Board Report (Sarah Holland) and School Board Partner meeting, being scheduled- time frames for feedback/input, election year (who is running next year), what does the board see as DPAC ‘s role and what the Board’s role is, communication, school planning councils.
g) Trustee Remuneration Committee, January 29 and February 19th, 3:30pm to set what their rate of pay will be for the next year. Dennis Fudge will attend the mtgs on behalf of DPAC.
h) Superintendent review – Review of Principals/Vice-Principals positions
8. Other Business
a) Request from Morfee Parents for letter of support: MOTION: (Jacqui Dockray) DPAC Executive to write a letter of support for the MacKenzie Parent’s efforts to establish choice programming within Morfee. 2nd by Darlene Campbell. All in favor. MOTION CARRIED.
b) Feedback – policy 5119. MOTION: (Gillian Burnett) To submit 5119 package to the Board. 2nd by Chris Finke. All in favor. MOTION CARRIED.
MOTION: (Gillian Burnett) To submit 5119 package to school trustees at tomorrow night’s meeting. 2nd by Jacqui Dockray. All in favor. MOTION CARRIED.
c) Feedback sought by school district on LGBTQ: MOTION: (Gillian Burnett) DPAC Executive to submit a letter of support for the LGBTQ policy. 2nd by Amy Hudson. All in favor. MOTION CARRIED.
d) Presentations to DPAC– are we interested in hearing about anything? Sarah Holland will talk to someone about presenting on specific anti-bullying metrics.
9. Additional Items: Sarah Holland to post Resolutions info on website.
10. Agenda items for next meeting… please email Sarah with items.
Meeting adjourned at 9:46 pm.
Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 3, 2013 at 7:00pm Van Bien training and Development Center.

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