District Achievement Contract Draft – Request for Comments

The School District has just published a draft of the 2013-14 District Achievement Contract, and has asked for feedback. DPAC encourages our members to provide feedback to the district on this important document.

Please click here to see the 2013-14 District Achievement Contract Draft

We hope you will take the time to read it. We also hope you will provide us some feedback by sending your input to: dacfeedback@sd57.bc.ca

Please ensure you include your contact information (Name, email, telephone) so we can contact you if we need to gain further clarity.

School Districts are required to create a District Achievement Contract every year. We are required to follow a template and to make comment on prescribed topics stipulated by the Ministry of Education. If you are interested in more specific detail about the requirements for the contract, please follow the link:


The District Achievement Contract is one of three documents that provide broad direction to staff in our district and guide learning. The Superintendent’s Report on Achievement and the Annual Budget are the other two documents.


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