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Teach your child how to become a more confident test-taker

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A pdf is includedfor easy reading and parent board use if wished. Linda Campbell, School Counselor

Test anxiety often comes from self-doubt. If your child doesn’t think he will succeed, he probably won’t. You can help your child become more confident before a test if you:

• Take off the pressure. Tell your child, “Tests show the teacher what you’ve learned so far, and what you need help with.”

• Avoid last-minute panic. Your child should begin to review and study days before the test.

• Teach efficient studying. Help your child focus on the material he hasn’t yet mastered.

• Help your child connect new material to what he already knows.

• Encourage positive self-talk. When your child gets stuck during a test, he can say, “I know this. The answer will come to me.”

• Remind your child of his strengths—what he’s good at.

• Help your child visualize success. Have him close his eyes and picture himself knowing the answers.

Source: Stacy DeBroff, The Mom Book Goes to School


Create a ‘pre-test organizer’ to help your child have test success

To ace a test, your child can’t wait until the last minute to study for it. Ideally, she should start at least a week ahead of time. Creating her own “pre-test organizer” will help your child remember and review what she needs to.

To make the organizer, print or type needed information on one or two sheets of paper. Leave blank spaces as needed. Then make copies your child can fill out as she prepares for each test.

• Subject and test date.

• A checklist of materials needed to study—textbook, class notes, homework, old tests.

• Test format. True/false questions,multiple choice, essay or other.

• Days and times to study.

• Day, time and place for studybuddy/group meetings.

• Specific material to review. List topics and amount of review needed (heavy/light). Add a box after each topic to check off after she’s studied the material.

Source: Ronald W. Fry, Ace Any Test, ISBN: 1-56414-460-7 (Career Press, 1-800-227-3371,

Ready to Learn

Recent studies of elementary age children have shown: The more fit they are, the better they do in school!

Fit children have more “brain power” than their less active classmates. They have greater attention and memory skills. They’re faster when completing tasks and they make fewer errors.

While your child’s fitness should be a year-round concern, she can do some things to boost her fitness level on test days.

Encourage her to:

• Get a good night’s sleep before the test. Staying up all night studying increases anxiety, which interferes with clear thinking.

• Eat for success. A hearty breakfast with seven to 10 grams of fiber will keep your child from getting jittery from a sugar high or, later, bottoming out when her insulin goes up.

• Relax. If your child is too nervous, she’ll forget what she knows. She can stretch and breathe deeply to focus her mind.

• Wear comfortable clothes. Pants shouldn’t be so tight they keep your child from breathing fully. Her brain needs oxygen.

• Drink plenty of water. This is another way to keep her brain alert.

Don’t forget to give your child a big hug on test day. This will increase her sense of well-being and energy.

Sources: “Testing Taking Tips for Families,” Practical Parenting Partnerships,; Jennifer Warner, “Fit Children May Make Better Students,” WebMD,

Community Resources:

Special Events This Month parent-enfant_clr.jpg

Parenting Classes: Parent Support Services and the Prince George Regional Library

Want to improve your relationship with your children, use discipline effectively and learn appropriate developmental behaviors? Parent Support Services and the Prince George Regional Library are offering free parenting classes for parents of children ages 5- 12. Classes start on Wednesday, May 22, Monday, May 27, and Wednesday, May 29 from 4:30 – 6:30 in the small meeting room and registration is required. Facilitated by Jessica Turner Parent Support Services Program Coordinator To Register: Phone or email 250-962-0600

New Support Circles

Mothers of Many Strengths (M.O.M.S) Parent Support Circle at Hadih House (2105 Pine St) A place for moms to get together and talk about parenting issues, find support and meet other moms. No cost. Just for women only, no age limit. Women are welcome to come and join in on an excellent support circle. 250-563-7976

Online Resource:

Seven Simple Secrets for Calming Tempers (Including Yours)
by Michele Borba Give this a read!

Report from BCCPAC AGM – Resolutions

Resolution 1: Carried as amended – The BCCPAC urge the BC Government to fully fund school playgrounds, including their ongoing replacement as required, and further, that these funds be provided either from direct access funding (gaming) or through an increased annual facilities grant.

Resolution 2: Carried as amended – The BCCPAC request additional targeted funding from the BC government to increase the number of intensive reading intervention programs, maintaining a minimum ratio of one highly trained teacher to seven students, to meet eligible students’ appropriate needs for this service in school districts.

Resolution 3: Carried – The BCCPAC lobby the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finances to change the current funding formula when calculating the anticipated enrolment of a new or replacement school. It is requested that this new formula would utilize leading indicators like pre-school and birth rates, as well as current K-12 population, to predict appropriate school size requirements in the planning and funding process.

Resolution 4: Refer to Committee   – That BCCPAC urge the BC Government and Ministry of Education to reduce the per pupil funding allocated to private schools in BC, with the exception of funding to independent schools run by First Nations and Home Schoolers, and reallocate that funding to School Districts in the BC public education system.

Resolution 5: Carried   – the BCCPAC urge the Provincial Government to mandate Health Authorities to support volunteers conducting lice checks in schools

Resolution 6: Carried – the BCCPAC support  the need for more outside school opportunities for students.

Resolution 7:  Carried – the BCCPAC work with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Advanced Education and Ministry of Finance to eliminate the PST on electronic devices essential for the New Education Plan, as outlined in the Ministry of Education’s 21st Century Learning Plan. Devices such as, but not limited to, laptops, Ipads, tablets, computers, notebooks, E-readers, scientifc and graphing calculators would be categorized as “school supplies” when being used for educational purposes for children aged 5 to 19 years of age. In addition to the PST exemption, we request that a tax credit or tax rebate be offered to offset the additional cost of technology.

Resolution 8:  To refer to Student Safety Committee – The BCCPAC Membership reaffirm resolution 1996.2 which reads:1996.2 That school speed zones should have the same dawn to dusk 30 km/h designation as playground zones.

Resolution 9:  Carried  –  The BCCPAC lobby the BC government on behalf of all parents and BC students to enact provincial legislation which puts a legal requirement on boards of education and local governments to develop district and school-based emergency preparedness plans in cooperation with provincial authorities. Such legislation should require that schools have personnel with training and equipment as well as funding for emergency supplies and kiosks at school sites. The cost of this program should be shared between the participating local governments and Boards of Education and the appropriate provincial authorities.

Resolution 10:   Carried – BCCPAC revert policy #3045 Delegate Travel Subsidies to read BCCPAC will fund delegate transportation costs to BCCPAC conferences to a ratio of one delegate per 10 BCCPAC member PACs in a district, with a minimum of two delegates per district, instead of the current delegate minimum of one person.

Resolution 11: Carried – On/off switches for WiFi routers and protocol for the use of wireless devices. Vote needed to be counted to verify that it was a majority.


Four additional resolutions that were brought forward at the meeting were referred back to the resolutions committee, with the intent to bring them forward at next year’s AGM.

Report from BCCPAC AGM – Elections

The BCCPAC board is elected on staggered terms; and there were four open positions at this election.

  • For First Vice President, the candidate elected was John Puddifoot, from Vancouver. 
  • For Treasurer, Susan Wilson was re-elected, from Kootenay Lake.
  • There were two Director positions open, and candidates elected were Bonnis Krisher, from Comox Valley, and our own Darlene Campbell, from Prince George! Congratulations Darlene!