School District Budget, 2013-14

Preliminary 2013-14 operating grants for B.C.’s 60 boards of education, were released on Thursday:

For 2013-14:

School District 57 is listed as receiving an operating grant of $118,110,509, which a decrease from last year’s operating grant of $119,861,500.

For 2012-13:

In 2012-13, the school age funded FTE was for 12,918.7 students, while the number estimated for 2013-14 is 12,680.0 school age funded FTE – a decrease of 238.7 students, and $1.7 million dollars.

The province has also apparently has told boards to find the funds for increased employee remuneration within existing budgets. Additionally, there seem to be changes in how hold-back funds are dealt with, with reductions seen on the horizon.

Our district

There are two DPAC representatives on an expanded committee of the whole for the school district, who will be reviewing what these revenue challenges will mean to our school district. We are seeking parent input on what parents see as budget issues and challenges for the district.


Counsellor Newsletter: Mean Girls

mean girls and what a parent can do – newsletter as PDF

Mean Girls and What To Do

So what’s a parent or to do? Here are steps parents can take to stop the girl cruelty and raise emotionally-healthy, caring and strong young women.

STEP 1: Get Educated About a Girl’s Kind of Mean

STEP 2: Know Signs of the “Mean Girl Scene”

Signs A Girl May Be a “Mean Girl” Victim

She is “picked on,” shunned, or excluded often.
She displays a pattern of wishy-washy, on-and-off again “friendships.”
She speaks negatively about certain girls or a certain group of girls or clique.
She has a sudden marked and uncharacteristic change in mood.
She suddenly withdraws.
She doesn’t speak of having any friends.
She suddenly avoids certain social situations.
She seems jittery, concerned or even afraid when an email, text, message, or phone call comes for her.
She has a sudden change in her eating or sleep habits.
She starts to speak about girls in a mean way.

Watch for downslide. If you think your daughter is really having a hard time, be available. Schedule a few weekends together. Take her to the gym with you. Take her to lunch. Talk with her school.

STEP 3: Get Proactive and Stop the Cruelty

The goal is to raise strong, confident, and respectful young women. So open up the dialogue: Talk to your daughter.
Here are ideas that teachers, counselors and parents are doing to end the girl wars and cease the cruelty.

Teach conflict solving
Start with one ally
Point her in a different direction
Boost empathy
Don’t push too hard on being popular
Help her manage frustrations
Stay connected
Foster her strengths and passions
Find positive, female role models
Be the example you want your daughter to copy
Expect your daughter to be kind
Don’t let your child buckle into the cruel mentality of the other girls.

But also be clear that there can be no excuses: you expect her to be respectful and to find others who share those values.
Dr. Michele Borba, Parenting Expert

Seeking People for Executive Board – Nominating Committee

The District Parent Advisory Committee will be conducting our annual elections for executive  positions in May.  The positions that are available are the following:

  • Chair
  • Vice-chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • District Associate
  • Directors at Large

If you are interested in running for any of these positions please contact Chris Finke, Dennis Fudge, and/or Darlene Campbell indicating which position you are interested in running for.  If you would like a description of the duties for these positions, please let us know.  We would be very pleased to hear from you before April 8th, if possible, so that we can put your names forward at the meeting that evening.

Email Nominating Committee


Interested in attending the BCCPAC Conference in May?

The BCCPAC Spring Conference is coming up, May 3 to 5:

As per our policy on conference delegates:

If you wish to attend the conference as a delegate from DPAC, you will need to submit a brief written application detailing your reasons for wanting to attend the conference, and how you believe this conference will benefit DPAC and/or your PAC.

At the latest, expressions of interest should be received by April 7th.

A delegate selection committee has been established, consisting of Darlene Campbell and Gillian Burnett.
Email Delegate Selection Committee