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PAC Cafe – networking for PAC Executive Members

Saturday, February 16, 2013 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM (PST)

For parent advisory council executive members in the Prince George School District. This will include the positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and other positions you may have – Volunteer Coordinator, Communications Coordinator.

  • Share ideas and challenges
  • Network with other PACs in your area
  • Get ideas from other volunteers doing your job
  • Enjoy a catered lunch

Coast Inn of the North, Nechako Room

Pre-registration required:

Free of charge for all PAC executive members


Coast Inn of the North
770 Brunswick Street
Prince George, British Columbia V2L 2C2

Request for PAC Funding

Request for PAC funding – printable PDF form

Is your PAC interested in receiving money from DPAC?

Please complete the information on this form and submit via email to
Decisions on funding are made at general DPAC meetings, usually held on the first Monday of each month. Please submit the request at least one week in advance of the meeting. DPAC has a limited amount of money for grants, and may not be able to fund all requests. Cheques will not be issued until the event occurs, and a final invoice is available.

Use of funds:

  • Speaker Grants: up to $300 towards hiring speakers for PAC events
  • Family of Schools Grants: up to $200 contribution toward a joint event within a family of schools, serving to improve communication/interaction between schools
  • Anti-bullying Grant: up to $200 for PACs to promote anti-bullying in their school
  • BCCPAC Conference Attendance: an application may be made if there is any excess DPAC funding to pay for PAC parent attendance at BCCPAC conferences.

Foundation Skills Assessments

The Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) – tests of reading, writing and math delivered province-wide every year in Grades 4 and 7 – are coming up. Schools are expected to administer the tests between January 14 and February 22 this year.

The B.C. Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) has developed an FSA information kit for parents. Find it here.

The B.C. Education Ministry has prepared a brochure advising parents why it thinks the tests are important. In summary, it says the tests help determine whether students are learning vital skills and improving over time, if there are any significant trends in schools, districts or across the province and how certain groups of students (such as aboriginals) are doing. Find the brochure here.

The BCTF is opposed to these standardized tests, stating they are expensive to administer, do not help students learn, take time away from learning, take resources away from the classroom, are misused by the Fraser Insitute to compare schools, and do not provide real help. For more information on the BCTF perspective, click here.

Recent media coverage of the FSAs:

Reading Workshop

2013 jan 19 – Reading workshop

Parents, Grandparents, and caregivers are invited to

Parents and Children as Partners in

Talking, Learning and Reading.

Level 1 and 2

Facilitated by: Gloria Olafson

Saturday January 19th, 2013


Level One: 9:00 am-noon

Level Two: 1.00 pm-4:00 pm

**Register for one session or both

Location: Sacred Heart School Library

**Advance registration of $10.00 is required.

Please contact Helen Domshy at 250-564-4288

Or email

Prince George Literacy Advisory Committee

Thank you to Sacred heart School and the PG Learning Difficulties Centre

Flu Season

Flu Awareness information from SD57:

Provincial health authorities are waiting for kids to get back to school to see whether the flu season has peaked or if the worst is yet to come.

“We doubt that it’s peaked,” said Dr. Perry Kendall, provincial health officer. “Basically, all schoolchildren are going back to school, which does provide greater opportunities for both respiratory viruses and gastrointestinal viruses to spread between the kids, and then from the kids back to their families.”

A particularly nasty form of influenza is spiking in B.C. at the same time as the worst norovirus outbreak in six years is hitting the province.

The influenza outbreak, which is expected to get worse, means people who haven’t yet had a flu shot — especially those in high-risk groups — should immediately do so, says the BC Centre for Disease Control.

“It’s moving up now, but I don’t think we’ve peaked,” said Dr. Danuta Skowronski, an epidemiologist and the centre’s influenza lead, on Thursday.

And did you know that there is a Google Flu?
Google has “found that certain search terms are good indicators of flu activity. Google Flu Trends uses aggregated Google search data to estimate flu activity.”

Minutes and additional handouts, January 7 2013 General Meeting


7:00 p.m. Van Bien Training and Development Centre



DPAC Executive:               Sarah Holland (Chair), Chris Finke (Vice Chair), Gillian Burnett (Treasurer), Darlene Campbell (District Associate) , Jacqueline Dockray  (Director) and Steve Shannon (Director)

Partner Groups:               Brian Pepper, Superintendent; Kate Cooke, Trustee; Matt Pearce and Tina Cousins, PGDTA; Lorraine Prouse, CUPE; Faith MacKay, PGPVPA; Nicole Haines PEA;

School Reps:                      Jacqueline Dockray, College Heights Elementary; Chris Finke, DP Todd; Darlene Campbell, Duchess Park; Inge Culhane, Edgewood; Kim Shannon, Hart Highlands; Sarah Holland, Heather Park; Karen Masich, Heritage; Steve Shannon, Kelly Road; Lotte Andersen, Nukko Lake; Darlene Campbell, Nusdeh Yoh; Michelle Rolfes, Pineview; Shannon Baird, PGSS;  Ryan Clarke, Quinson; Dennis Fudge, Spruceland


1.                  Adoption of Agenda

Unanimous consent


2.                  Adoption of Dec 3, 2013 Minutes

Unanimous consent


3.         PAC Networking

  • Various schools held Christmas concerts, Christmas dances or flings as referred to by some schools. Also Santa breakfasts,  food collection for various agencies, cake auctions. School reporting some good fundraiser in the ways of  food and monies. Attendee’s awaiting first PAC meetings of 2013.

4.          Reports

(a)    DSAC Report – not in attendance

(b)   CUPE Report –  Lorraine spoke to the Capital Gain mandate. Written report given, see attached.

(c)    PGDTA Report – verbal report, – spoke about this round of provincial bargaining, Four main consideration need to be represented for this round, they are:  I) that a facilitator must be present at the table, (Irene Holden’s name has been floated around), I) costing data needed, I) new split of issues, ratification vote will be needed, I) bargaining will begin next month.

(d)   PGPVPA Report – see attached

(e)   PEA Report Nicole Haines – Verbal report – their first meeting of DPAC, She explained their roles with our children in schools. (33 members belong to this association) [email after meeting corrected to 36 members]

(f)     Superintendent Report – see attached. Brian spoke to the report.

(g)   Trustee Report – see attached. Kate spoke to her report.

5.            Committee Reports

a)  Executive Board Report (Sarah Holland) – attached in package

b)  Treasurers Report (Gillian Burnett)


6.            PAC and Parent Assistance

a)  Budget Committee  (Gillian Burnett)

– Spoke to the report,

Gillian motioned, Seconded by Jacqueline

MOTION: That DPAC put the application for grants for the 2012-2013 school year on the website.


Discussed – that the wording needs to be looked at., add the date on application forms, maybe add the                                 word “or” to help clarify what a PAC can apply for, Family of schools grant should be more than a                              speaker grant, state that general membership make decisions on grants and that the maximum                                               amount of money we have to spend be also put on the applications.

b) PAC Cafe Committee.

Coast Inn of the North is confirmed for the PAC Cafe February 16 2013,  11-2 pm. Invite to Brian Pepper                                 and Kate Cooke to go out. Event Brite registration site will up shortly.

c) Food Safe

Everything is looking good, we have 2-3 seats remaining.

d) PAC planner

no meeting as of yet.

                 e) BCCPAC AGM – Dates are May 3-5, watch DPAC website for process on attendance.


 7.           Advising School District

                a) Education Services report (Steve Shannon) – no meeting yet

b) EPPC Committee  Report (Darlene Campbell) – no meeting yet

c) Policy and Governance report (Sarah Holland) – no meeting yet

– questions to be asked at the upcoming meeting, regarding capacity, and caps, transfer caps, policy’s in                                 particular policy 5119

d) Calendar committee report (Darlene Campbell & Maureen)

– lots of discussion, lots of notes to take to next Calendar meeting, important point was that DPAC                          general membership felt that there was no public consultation and this point is extremely important to                                get across to the School District. As well concerned raised about childcare for the working poor and if                     this purposed calendar will significantly affect the instructional hours.

e) Suggestions for Board Meeting (Sarah Holland)

–        To bring information to the board about the importance of public consultation

8.            Other Business … none

9.            Agenda items for next meeting… none at this time

Meeting adjourned 9.08 pm.

Bouncing Back

Our counsellor newsletter from Linda Campbell, School Counsellor, School District 57
JANUARY 2013                            Bouncing Back


Tips and Tools for:     
Teaching Your Child Resilience
Building Relationships with Teens
Great websites for Kids and Teens
Community Resources


  • Teaching your child resilience
Childhood is a time of exploration and trying new behaviours. Rather than trying to remove life’s challenges, we need to support our children to develop self-confidence, skills and abilities that make them resilient. Developing these skills will benefit children as they move into adolescence and adulthood.


What is Resiliency?
Resilience means the ability to overcome and bounce back from change or from difficult life events. A person that is resilient is able to learn from their experiences, and apply this knowledge and coping skills to other situations. The more resiliency factors your child has, the more likely he or she will be able to resist negative influences.


The school years present children with countless challenges, setbacks, failures, and general difficulties. Resilient children withstand the pressures that school provides more effectively than children who are not resilient.
Resilience is being able to bounce back from difficult times, setbacks, and other significant challenges. It includes being able to deal effectively with pressure, and get through tough times with good outcomes.  Parents play a substantial role in the development of resilience in their children. The following eight tips outline the most effective things you can do to raise resilient kids.

Continue reading Bouncing Back

Agenda – January 7, 2013 General Meeting

Monday, January 7, 2013, 7:00 p.m. Van Bien Training and Development Centre

For those logging in from their home computers, please click on the link below to attend the meeting:


Agenda – DPAC General Meeting


1.       Call to order, Secretary pro tem

2.       Adoption of agenda

3.       Adoption of December 2012 Minutes

4.       PAC Networking

To increase the effectiveness of this section of the agenda, we suggest that people report on ideas that may be of interest to other PACs, or concerns that other PACs could help with.

7:30pm – Partner groups enter

5.       Partner Group Presentations (5 minutes each, maximum)

a)      DSAC Report  (Jay Khatra)

b)      CUPE Report (Lorraine Prouse)

c)       Prince George District Teachers Association Report (Matt Pearce, Tina Cousins)

d)      Prince George Principal and Vice Principals Association Report (Faith Mackay)

e)      Professional Employees Association (Deborah Coxson)

f)       Superintendent Report (Brian Pepper)

g)      Trustee Report (Kate Cooke)


(5 – 10 minute snack break)

6.       Officer and Committee Reports

a)      Executive Board Report (Sarah Holland)

b)      Treasurer’s Report (Gillian Burnett)


7.       PAC and Parent Assistance

a)      Budget Committee (Gillian Burnett)

b)      PAC Café Committee

c)       FoodSafe

d)      PAC Planner


8.       Advising School District

a)      Education Services Committee Report (Steve Shannon)

b)      EPPC Committee Report (Gillian Burnett)

c)       Policy and Governance (Sarah Holland)

d)      Calendar Committee (Darlene & Maureen)

e)      Suggestions for School Board Report


9.       Other Business


10.   Agenda items for next meeting

11.   Adjournment – Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 4, 2013 at 7:00 pm Van Bien Training and Development Centre.