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Clearing Account Report of Receipts 2012

Message to Jan Cote, Finance Clerk, School District 57 from Gillian Burnett, DPAC Treasurer

The DPAC executive has some questions regarding the issue of receipts by schools and the district for money received from the PAC. We have received several questions regarding this matter. Many PACs have begun a process of financial review since undertaking full responsibility for their funds in 2010. The result of this process is that in many cases there is no supporting documentation (a receipt) for cheques that are written to either the school or the district. Does the district have any sort of policy regarding the issue of receipts? Is it possible to provide direction to schools that a receipt must be issued for all money received from a PAC?

There is also concern regarding whether the receipts received from the schools will meet the reporting requirements for gaming. Often, a PAC will provide a cheque (for example $200) from gaming to the school for events such as Grade 7 Graduation celebration. A receipt from the school for the $200 will not meet our reporting requirements. We would need a copy of the receipts for the items purchased with this money. How should we direct our members in regards to this issue? Is it possible for schools to provide PACs with copies of receipts when gaming money is issued?

At this time we are not asking the district to do anything, but are just seeking further information for discussion. We appreciate any information you can provide us with.

Thank you,

Gillian Burnett, DPAC Treasurer

Response from Jan Cote, Finance Clerk, School District 57

Hi Gillian – thank you for asking these questions.

To confirm, all monies received at schools require a receipt to be issued.

When it concerns Gaming Branch of BC funding, the district respects the Gaming Branch Policies and directives in that, as a district, we instruct all schools that Gaming funds can not be accepted at the school. They need to be directly forwarded to the district finance department with a Clearing Account Report of Receipts (attached) that is completed and signed by the PAC and school authority. The Clearing account Report of Receipts has areas for all the pertinent information to be listed in order the district invoice the PAC Gaming, and describe the items on the invoice for the purchases or events. The PAC needs this detailed invoice to pay as part of their audit for their financial records.

As part of our information gathering each year, the Finance Department ask the PAC to complete an information sheet complete with e-mail address so that we can e-mail them the invoice they need for their financial records. There may be a few cases of new PAC executive and school secretaries and this could be what we are experiencing at the schools that have asked. When we did the presentation to DPAC Dec 2010, we explained this procedure to all attendees.

The PAC General bank account does not have the same restriction of the Gaming rules; however, receipts must always be issued at the school, and in most cases are put in the PAC mailboxes. The supporting documentation for issuing funds to the school, such as $100 to each classroom account, should be a copy of the PAC minutes given to the Secretary/Business Manager with the cheque in order she has accurate supporting documentation of what the funds are for. As most items of financial transactions are written in the PAC minutes, this is a good tool to give the Secretary/Business Manager in order she has supporting documentation to issue the receipt.

Thank you for asking and please do feel free to get back to us if we need to work with certain schools in order the receipts are located in the areas for the PAC to find to attach to their financial records,

Please do feel free to ask questions at any time or contact me if you need further assistance.

Best Regards,
Jan Cote, Finance Clerk

Phone (250) 561-6800 extension 224


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