BC Education Plan – Invitation to Parents


As parents, we all do our best to support our children’s education. Many of us wish we could do more than our hectic lives will allow. And when we do want to participate more, sometimes it can be tough just to know where to start. That’s not really anybody’s fault. In many ways it’s just the reality of the complexity of an education system.

If all of us as parents are going to be true partners in our children’s learning, and if we’re going to participate in a useful discussion about the future of education, we’d all benefit from a shared level of understanding to start from.

Many parents are deeply involved in their school communities and have a good idea of how it all works, which is great. But most of them would probably agree that it can be a complicated road to travel. How does the system really work? Who is responsible for what? Who can I talk to? What does all this “eduspeak” mean for me and my child? What do I really need to know and why isn’t it easier for me to find the information I want? Questions like these shouldn’t get in the way of parents’ role in education.

So,with that in mind, our question for parents is: what questions do YOU have about B.C.’s education system? Tell us what you wish you could understand better, what you wonder about as a parent who cares about your children’s learning, or what information you wish you had more of. We’d like to help you.

Visit here to share your ideas: http://engage.bcedplan.ca/2012/11/an-invitation-to-parents/

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