Teachers voted 75.3% in favour of new contract

Members of the BC Teachers’ Federation have voted to ratify the agreement-in-committee reached on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 with the government’s bargaining agent, the BC Public School Employers’ Association.

In a province-wide vote conducted June 27–29, 2012, a total of 21,044 teachers cast ballots and 75% voted yes. The turnout rate was 52%.



[Matt Pearce, president of the Prince George District Teachers Association] said despite the positive acceptance of the new contract many teachers still have concerns that weren’t addressed.

“It may be back to normal but I still think there are a lot of teachers who are very disappointed the issues around class size and composition that can really affect our students haven’t been touched, even a little bit,” said Pearce. “In fact things are likely to get worse next year. I think some teachers will continue to not do extracurricular [activities], but it’ll be a personal choice and not done as a vote of the membership.”



In related news, the BC Supreme Court issued a ruling on Friday regarding the BCTF court application to remove Charles Jago as mediator. The BCTF petition was dismissed. The text of the decision is available here:


Math manipulatives for parents

This site, from school district 57, is designed to help students, parents and teachers see how topics in mathematics may be taught using math manipulatives. Click on the HOME option in the left side panel to see the topic selections available. Select the specific topic you would like to see from the left side panel.  A description of each video available will appear along with its link to the video on youtube.



PAC Gaming Grants DEADLINE June 30th

As of June 28th, the following PACs have applied for the gaming grant from the communities of Hixon, Mackenzie, McBride, Prince George, Valemount, and Willow River:

City Organization Name
Hixon Hixon Elementary PAC
Mackenzie Mackenzie Secondary School PAC
Mackenzie Morfee Elementary Parent Advisory Council
Mackenzie Morfee Elementary Parent Advisory Council
Prince George Beaverly Elementary School PAC
Prince George Blackburn Elementary School PAC
Prince George Buckhorn Elementary P.A.C.
Prince George Centre For Learning Alternatives PAC
Prince George DP Todd Secondary School PAC
Prince George Duchess Park Secondary School P.A.C.
Prince George Ecole College Heights Elementary PAC
Prince George Ecole Heather Park Elementary School PAC
Prince George Edgewood Elementary Parent Advisory Council
Prince George Foothills Elementary Parent Advisory Council
Prince George Hart Highlands P.A.C.
Prince George Heritage Elementary P.A.C.
Prince George Immaculate Conception Elementary PSG
Prince George Kelly Road Secondary School PAC
Prince George Lac des Bois PAC
Prince George Malaspina Parent Advisory Council
Prince George Nukko Lake Elementary School PAC
Prince George Pinewood Elementary School PAC
Prince George Prince George Secondary School PAC
Prince George Quinson Elementary Parent Advisory Council
Prince George Southridge Elementary School PAC
Prince George Van Bien Elementary School PAC
Prince George Vanway Elementary School PAC
Prince George Westwood Elementary School P.A.C.
Willow River Giscome Elementary School P.A.C.

If your PAC does not appear on this list, and you haven’t just sent in an application, then you NEED to submit your application by JUNE 30TH, 2012, in order to receive this money for your students.

For more information, please see:

Message from BCCPAC Chair

Typically the end of the school year is a time of reflection and wonder;  a time to contemplate the events of year gone by and to dream of the possibilities of the summer to come, and this year there is plenty  to ponder.   Breaking news of the tentative contract agreement between teachers and their employers suitably caps a tumultuous year in dramatic fashion just days before the start of the summer break.  While it is great to hear that a tentative agreement has been reached, any suggestion that all is now fine in education would be false as there is plenty of work to be done, relationships to build, and communication to take place.

Speaking of communication, that is one of several  themes your new Board of Directors hopes to focus on as we begin our term.  For my part, I am genuinely excited about having the opportunity to work with this particularly sincere group of parent leaders.   John, Nicole, Susan, Angie, Wendy, Liz, Bonnie, Ayesha and Ann represent diverse and well-informed opinions from a variety of backgrounds which will make for interesting and worthwhile meetings with good membership representation.  Geographically we are nicely spread out as well, with four directors hailing from the lower mainland, three from the island and three from the interior, and as usual we will be relying heavily on our fine staff to get things done — it is just Tracey and Lisa for the time being, while Francesca is on leave.

Our successful Spring Conference/AGM held recently in Coquitlam was inspirational and confirmed the  importance of (re)connecting with our membership in order to help build organizational capacity.   We plan on reaching out to members to support, listen and learn, with an upcoming  northern conference being and important part of that.  Hopefully our new website will stimulate discussion and action as we continue to promote our resolutions and develop resources as best as we can.  But more than anything else, we want to hear from you.  We know you are doing some great things out there and have some great ideas that need to be shared, so let’s get in touch — I will certainly appreciate it, and I know our kids will too.

p.s  Remember that our office is open throughout summer


Terry Berting

BCCPAC President

Tentative Deal reached between BCTF and BCPSEA

B.C. teachers and provincial school boards have reached a tentative deal in a long-running labour dispute.

On Tuesday evening, the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation issued a statement saying that the union’s executive committee would recommend members ratify the deal, saying it included some modest improvements over previous proposals.

“After a long and difficult round of negotiations we were compelled into this process under threat of huge fines and further punitive legislation,” BCTF president Susan Lambert said in the statement. “We have been able to achieve some modest improvements but, above all, we succeeded in getting government [to] take its concession demands off the table.”

Education Minister George Abbott also issued a statement late Tuesday, saying that meetings between the BCTF and government-appointed mediator Charles Jago had helped craft a deal.

“We are pleased that mediation has resulted in a tentative Memorandum of Settlement between the British Columbia Public School Employers’ Association and the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation.” Mr. Abbott said.

“Under Dr. Charles Jago’s guidance, the parties worked extremely hard and made progress on many important issues.

“The term of the agreement runs until June 30, 2013, sets out improved language to manage leave provisions, and is consistent with government’s net zero mandate. In addition, the parties agreed to further discuss and seek mutually agreeable improvements on key policy issues to provide students with the best education possible.”






Message from PGDTA

The Prince George DPAC has received the following email from the Prince George District Teachers Association, and is passing the message along:



We wanted to keep our Partner Groups and Supporters….in the loop about the upcoming Teacher Event. We would really appreciate it if you could let your members know. We would love for them to join us! We are all in this struggle together and are hoping for your support.

Thank you


My original message:

There will be a “GIANT” burma shave occurring province wide on Wednesday June 20. All 60 BCTF locals around the province are encouraging their members to come out and show their solidarity before the end of the school year.

In Prince George, we ask that all of our PGDTA members and supporters come out to a giant Burma Shave from 4:30PM -5:30PM between 5th and Central to 10th Ave. We plan to line up along both sides of the bypass. We are hoping for a turn out of 100’s of people!!! Please be sure to stay off the pavement, we want everyone to be safe. Line up along the grass.

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