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Parenting Your Future Superstar

PACIFICSPORT NORTHERN BC is organizing a seminar for parents on

Parenting Your Future Superstar

‘the importance of understanding Athlete Development for all ages’

Steve Norris is an outstanding, inspirational speaker. During this Parent session, he will discuss the importance the Canadian Sport for Life framework has on your child’s sport development and when it is important to be a multi-sport athlete and when it is time to narrow the focus if you want to achieve excellence.

Friday May 25th 7:00pm
Location: Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre
Cost : $10 per parent

Register Here:

If you have any questions please contact Sarah Carter at or phone 250-960-5344

Supportive Families, Healthy Children

With media reports of suicide among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth becoming increasingly common, communities are grappling with the urgent need to identify interventions to prevent suicide and suicidal behavior among LGBT youth. However, until today, no “Best Practices” have been identified or designated to help reduce vulnerability and risk among LGBT children, youth or adults.

Although recent media attention has focused primarily on the impact of bullying on self-harm behavior. suicide is typically the result of many interacting factors including depression, substance use and despair, in addition to environmental stressors. These complex interactions underscore the need for comprehensive suicide prevention strategies and interventions to change the environment at the systems level. For LGBT youth, family systems are especially important.

For the past decade, the Family Acceptance Project (FAP) at SF State University, under the direction of Dr. Caitlin Ryan, has been studying the impact of family acceptance and rejection on suicide risk among LGBT youth. Published findings from these studies point to the critical role of families in both contributing to and protecting against suicidal behavior and risk among LGBT young people. FAP’s multi-disciplinary team has been developing resources, interventions and strategies to help diverse families reduce risk and to promote their LGBT children’s well-being.

The first of these resources – a multi-lingual, multi-cultural series of family education booklets – Supportive Families, Healthy Children: Helping Families Support their LGBT Children – have been designated as the first “Best Practice” resources for suicide prevention for LGBT youth and young adults by the national Best Practices Registry for Suicide Prevention.

Superintendent of Schools Brian Pepper is pleased to announce the following appointments, effective August 1, 2012:

Rob Larson – Principal, Pinewood Elementary
Deb Kaban – Principal, Van Bien Elementary
Lori Dennill – Principal, Blackburn Elementary and Giscome Elementary
Deanna Hood – Principal, Quinson Elementary

We wish all four of these administrators all the best in their new positions, and Dan Domes and Lynda Stoppler all the best in retirement.

When do BCCPAC proxies need to be in?

In order to allow for the efficient operation of the Annual General Meeting, members are encouraged to mail, fax, or scan and email completed proxy forms to the BCCPAC office in advance. Proxy forms received in this manner no later than May 18, 2012 at 4:30 pm, will be verified and registered by BCCPAC in advance of the AGM. Voting cards for these proxies may be picked up by the authorized delegate at the Proxy Room with proof of identity. Confirmation of proxy forms that are submitted in advance will be sent within three days of receipt and registration to the Executive officers who signed the form. If you do not receive confirmation please contact the office.

Proxy forms not received by May 18, 2012 are required to be delivered to the Proxy Room at the venue (which will be open during the Spring Conference) in order to receive a voting card to participate at the AGM. Please note that as proxy forms need to be validated and processed before they can be exchanged for voting cards, BCCPAC cannot guarantee that proxy forms received after 5:00 pm on May 25, 2012 will be processed and exchanged for voting cards in time for the start of the AGM.

Note: the DPAC delegates would need to have a copy of the proxy in order to deliver it after May 18th.

Please either scan/email the form to and, or fax it to 604-687-4488 and 250-614-1316 (attention Sarah Holland).

At this point, we have received 8 valid proxy forms for the BCCPAC AGM, and one proxy form for a school that is not listed as being a BCCPAC member (we have let this school PAC know, and they are following up).

PACs listed as BCCPAC members who we have not received proxies for are:

  • Aboriginal Choice School
  • Buckhorn Elementary
  • College Heights Secondary
  • D P Todd Secondary
  • Edgewood Elementary
  • Giscome Elementary School
  • Heritage Elementary
  • Highglen Montessori Elementary
  • Spruceland Traditional Elementary
  • Valemount Elementary
  • Van Bien Elementary
  • Vanway Elementary School

How to submit your proxy form in order to refund half of your BCCPAC membership fee: