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CUPE and BCPSEA reach a tentative agreement

The Canadian Union of Public Employees, representing 26,000 school support staff in British Columbia, has reached a tentative Provincial Framework Agreement with the BC Public Schools Employers’ Association. The Framework Agreement was unanimously endorsed by the CUPE BC K-12 Provincial Bargaining Committee and will be recommended to the CUPE BC K-12 Presidents’ Council for endorsement. Each CUPE local union will now take this provincial agreement to their local table with school districts to conclude collective bargaining.

This tentative agreement was reached in December.


Public invited to apply to serve on teacher discipline panels

B.C. is looking for people interested in serving on teacher disciplinary panels.

These panels will consider competence and conduct concerns and hear appeals of decisions to deny teacher certification. Members will be drawn from the soon-to-be-created Disciplinary and Professional Conduct Board but will include some outsiders.

“The purpose of non-board panel members is to provide input from persons outside the school system to strengthen public confidence in the hearing process,” says a notice posted on a new Education Ministry website.

Applications close Feb. 1 and full details can be found here.

Agenda package – January 9, 2012, meeting

Our first meeting of 2012 is Monday, January 9th, at 7pm,at the Van Bien Training and Development Centre.

Our remote access link, for those logging in from their home computers, is here:


7:00 p.m. Van Bien Training and Development Centre


1.               Adoption of Agenda

2.               Adoption of November 7, 2011 Minutes

3.               Adoption of December 5, 2011 Minutes

4.               PAC Networking Topic:

5.               Reports

(a)                DPAC Chair Report

(b)               Treasurer’s Report

(c)                Superintendent Report

(d)               Trustee Report

(e)               PGDTA Report

(f)                 PGPVPA Report

(g)                CUPE Report

(h)               DSAC Report


(5 – 10 minute coffee /Snack break)

6.               Committee Reports

(a)                EPPC Committee Report – Chris Finke (Alternate:  Gillian Burnett)

(b)               Education Services Committee Report– Stephen Shannon (Alternate:   Sarah Holland)

(c)                Policy/Governance Committee Report –  Don Sabo (Alternate: Dennis Fudge)

(d)               Environmental Sustainability Committee  – Don Sabo (Alternate: Lara Beckett)

(e)               Bylaws and Policies (Governance) Committee


7.               Announcements/New Business

(a)                Follow-up on District PAC Financial Form amended with option to share information

(b)               Follow-up District Resource Centre Tour / Meeting. (Gillian Burnett)

(c)                DPAC District Sustainability Report update. (Sarah Holland)

(d)               Revision to Child Protection Policy DPAC Input.  (Don Sabo)

(e)               Langley DPAC Letter. (Sarah Holland)

(f)                 DPAC funding for PACs-(North Vancouver DPAC Example.  (Sarah Holland)


8.               Other Business


9.               Agenda items for next meeting

10.           Adjournment – Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 9, 2012 at 7:00 pm Van Bien Training and Development Centre.

Vancouver School Board introduces new website for school information

The website, called Your Schools, Your Community, Our Future (, marks the start of an extensive review and public consultation process to determine what programs and opportunities Vancouver students need now and into the future, deputy superintendent Jordan Tinney said in a release. The review will also include public hearings at a later date.

The website will provide an array of information about alternative and special-needs programs, enrolments, seismic and heritage rankings, staffing numbers and student catchment charts, the release says.

The website not only gives detailed information on all schools, but also has maps for each school showing where the students live – an example is here.