Throne speech section on Education

From October 3, 2011’s speech from the throne on education:

In British Columbia, we are fortunate to have thousands of dedicated teachers in our elementary, middle and high schools. Day in and day out, they prepare our children for their future and, in turn, the future prosperity of our province.

Over the coming year, your government will act to improve the education system, provide supports to teachers and improve student safety in the classroom.

Students need skills that will allow them to adapt to a world that is changing more quickly than ever before. These skills can be taught by our teachers, but not using a 20th century curriculum with 20th century teaching methods.

Over the coming weeks, my government will introduce a series of important changes to improve the skills of our current teachers and ensure that future teachers are provided with the tools they need to produce first-class graduates.

Because teachers make the difference between good students and great students, our government will dedicate funding to address issues of class composition in British Columbia.

Today, school boards and parents are seeking additional flexibility and choice when it comes to educating our students to provide an education second to none. These changes will be bold and represent a significant improvement in how, when and where education takes place.

They are necessary, now more than ever.

The government is also committed to safer schools and will ensure that those very few individuals who abuse their positions of trust are removed and not permitted to return.

And important anti-bullying policies in our schools will be expanded to include a comprehensive training regime, on-line reporting tools and advanced threat assessment tools and protocols.