Kindergarten Registration Process

A revised policy 5119 was passed at the board meeting of January 25th, as follows:

The school district has also posted a FAQ on the subject:

The policy has the potential to be quite confusing. For parents registering their children in kindergarten, we suggest you speak to a school principal directly to find out how to proceed. Contact information for principals can be found here:

As the policy has just been adopted, it is possible that some processes aren’t in line with the policy as yet. In the event of any discrepancies between the process we describe and the process interpreted, used and described by the school district, the latter shall prevail.

Catchments are listed here (note: not all catchment maps may be up to date, confirm with principals):

If you wish to register your child for a choice school or program (French, Montessori, Traditional, or Aboriginal schools), then your catchment is the entire district – it doesn’t matter which area you live in.

If you wish to register your child for a regular program, you will need to know which catchment you live in, as you can only apply to your catchment school.

The school district has a one page reference guide as well:

Policy 5119 Reference Info

Do note that incorrect information has appeared in some media about sibling priority for those living out of catchment.

If parents continue to encounter difficulties after meeting and attempting to resolve those difficulties with Principals, they should contact Assistant Superintendents Office; either John McLay; (250) 561-6800 Ext. 316 email:, or contact Sharon Cairns; (250) 561-6800 Ext. 312 email:

If you encounter any difficulty in registering your child, The District Parent Advisory Council would also appreciate being informed of any difficulties, as part of our responsibility to advise the school board on matters involving education in the district. Please email us at or contact us.