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Speaking notes from December 7th Board Meeting:
Kirsten Miller Lo
Trish Mahmoud statement
Brenda Herbert
dylan vaillancourt notes
carolyn holmes comments

Other comments or submissions:

Comments on Policy 5119 – Sarah Holland
Applicable Sections of the School Act for Policy 5119 Discussion – Sarah Holland notes

Sandra Lamb Letter

Belinda Larisch letter

5119 ltr 4 Jan 2011[1]

enrolment policy 26apr2010[1]

Enrollment and Capacity by Area, School District 57

This interactive map uses Tableau Public software for graphic visualizations of the data. The map may take a few seconds to load on your computer. The map can be filtered by area and by grade type. If you hover your mouse over a particular circle, it will give more information on that particular school.

The color shows how full the school is, with red being more full and blue being less full. Schools turn red when 80% full or higher. The size of the circle shows the total of the enrollment.

The data can be filtered by area (Bowl, Hart, College Heights, South East, Robson Valley, Mackenzie), by grade type (elementary and secondary), by the percentage of the capacity used in 2010, and by the 2010 enrollment.

Enrollment data from Minstry of Education website, data as of September 30, 2010.
Working capacity from DSC report, plus allowance of 30 students per portable.
Working capacity for Heather Park Elementary taken from current school plan and maximum students possible with current layout.
Projected enrollment for 2011 for K-7 schools is projected by taking K-6 classes and assuming they all stay in the school. The kindergarten registration is the average of the current K, 1, and 2 class sizes.
Projected enrollment for secondary schools is projected by taking 8-11 classes, and assuming grade 7 to be the average of the current 7, 8, and 9 classes.
Projected enrollment for Spruceland assumes that all of Central Fort George transfers to Spruceland in 2011.

Elementary schools most at risk for having enrollment issues in 2011 – capacity projected to be 90% or above:

In addition, choice programs and choice schools may also have enrollment capacity problems.

Resources from PAC 911 Workshop

1 – Legislated Parent Voice – Sarah Cara Don – 10
File Size File Size
Bylaws Sample.doc 124 K Tab 14 – Effective Meetings – FINAL.pdf 243 K
GetInvolved -10 Reasons BW.pdf 72 K Tab 15 – Financial Management – FINAL.pdf 195 K
Individual Education Plan Guide 2010.pdf 279 K Tab 16 – Communication – FINAL.pdf 170 K
Member Tools Top Ten Bylaws Mistakes.pdf 21 K Tab 17 – Building Partnerships – FINAL.pdf 225 K
Minutes – Format and Content Generic.pdf 56 K Tab 18 – Parent Education – FINAL.pdf 131 K
PAC_101_handouts.pdf 262 K Tab 19 – Contagious Enthusiasm – FINAL.pdf 138 K
Resource Package – Improving Student Achievement.pdf (School Planning Council) 14,365 K Tab 2 – School Act – FINAL.pdf 139 K
Roberts Rules Handouts.pdf 80 K Tab 3 – Accountability Framewk – FINAL.pdf 197 K
Roberts Rules of Order.pdf 73 K Tab 4 – Getting Started – FINAL.pdf 166 K
Roberts-Rules-for-Beginners.pdf 864 K Tab 5 – SPC – FINAL.pdf 268 K
Speaking Up 2008 Advocating for Students.pdf 546 K Tab 6 – Constitution Bylaws – FINAL.pdf 248 K
Tab 1 – Parent_Involvement-Basic_Principles.pdf 213 K Tab 7 – Role of Executive.pdf 445 K
Tab 10 – Representing_all_Voices_FINAL.pdf 176 K Tab 8 – Code Conflict – FINAL.pdf 131 K
Tab 11 – Speaking Up – FINAL.pdf 212 K Tab 9 – Decision-Making – FINAL.pdf 182 K
Tab 12 – Committees – FINAL.pdf 124 K Unfolding the Mysteries.pdf (Treasurer 101) 16,900 K
Tab 13 – Planning – FINAL.pdf 175 K Volunteers – The Law Book.pdf 525 K
2a – Accounting Basics 1 – Allan Reed & Jan Cote – 11
File Size File Size
1 – Report of all monies PAC counted to Treasurer.xls 28 K Donation Form.pdf 28 K
2 – Sample Cheque Requisition for PAC use Dec 2010.doc 26 K Official Receipts.pdf 42 K
3 and 4 – Sample of Record Keeping and Restricted Funds worksheet Dec 2010.xls 31 K PAC samples and master forms for DPAC presentation Dec 2010.pdf 399 K
5 – PAC – district clearing account Report of Receipts Dec 2010.pdf 98 K Schools Protection Program.doc 34 K
2b – Account Basics 2 – Crystal Livingstone – 1130
File Size File Size
Application for GST-HST Public Service Bodies’ Rebate.pdf 47 K Registered Charity Information Return.pdf 86 K
Provincial Schedule – GST-HST Public Service Bodies’ Rebate.pdf 45 K
3 – BC Gaming – Michelle Albinati – 1230
File Size File Size
Gaming Event Revenue Report – Sample.pdf 104 K Michelle – Gaming Account Summary Form – Sample.pdf 145 K
Gaming Event Revenue Report.pdf 96 K Michelle – Gaming Account Summary Form.pdf 113 K
4 – Liability Issues – Roberta Stewart 130
File Size File Size
5 – Volunteer Recruitment – Jo Nore 200
File Size File Size
How do you Attact the Right People.pdf 119 K Twenty Great Ways to Reward Volunteers.doc 25 K
Matching the Thank You.doc 29 K
6 – Communicating with Parents – Sarah Holland – 300
File Size File Size
Communication – BCCPAC.pdf 170 K Communications Presentation.pdf 719 K
7 – Misc. Resources
File Size File Size
Directors Insurance – BCCPAC.pdf 76 K Getting Started – BCCPAC.pdf 166 K
Additional Resources
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DPAC General Meeting, December 6, 7pm


7:00 p.m. Van Bien Training and Development Centre

Notes and statements

Please click on this link in order to join our monthly meeting – we encourage people in PACs who aren’t able to physically attend the meeting to attend by web:

If you have any difficulty on the day of the session, please email for assistance.

Policy 5119 – Revisions to School Catchment Areas and Student Transfers

At its public meeting on October 26, 2010, the Board of Education reviewed proposed changes to this policy and approved a motion to distribute them to reference groups for input.

Click here to see the draft policy and information about providing input.

The deadline for providing input is January 6, 2011.

December 1: The school district has posted a FAQ on their website about the proposed revisions, the Board’s process, and the error they made in implementing changes to the policy in 2008:  Click here for more information.

This will be discussed at the next DPAC meeting, but in brief, this policy governs how catchment applies to schools for kindergarten registration and student transfers. This policy sets the criteria for how priority is given to students when there is no room in a school, class, or program for a student attempting to register or transfer. Note that the catchment for the English program at dual track is the neighborhood, while the catchment for French, hockey, or Montessori (as choice program examples) is district-wide.

Students registering in Kindergarten, Regular program:

“Students, including those in Kindergarten, are entitled to attend the school serving the geographical catchment area in which they live, except as limited by available space or by actions taken in accordance with the provisions of this policy.”

Students registering in Kindergarten, Choice program:

Access to choice programs at Kindergarten is gained by registration, on a first-come, first-served basis, regardless of the geographical area in which a student resides. Access to choice programs at all other grades is gained through the transfer process.  Acceptance in a choice program is dependent on available space and/or program criteria. ”

Student Transfer Process:

“Students who are already registered in a district school who wish to attend a different school are required to apply for a transfer through the transfer process.

If the Board determines that space is available in a school or a program, a student whose transfer application was received by the Board by the date established is entitled to enrol in that school in the following descending order of priority:
6.4.1    The siblings of a student who, in the previous school year, attended the school in question and who will be attending the school in the following year.
6.4.2    school district child.
6.4.3    A non-school district child.

6.5       If two or more students have the same priority category as outlined in Regulation 6.4, priority for entry will be established based upon the date and time of application.”


“5.1 Each school with the exception of choice schools and programs, distance education, continuing education, district alternative programs and provincial resource programs, will have a designated catchment area.  A school with multiple programs will have catchment area for its neighbourhood program.

5.2       The catchment boundary for all choice schools and programs will be the boundaries of the school district.”

Note that the policy does not seem to have any provision to students registering in a choice program from out of district, or give any priority to a student transferring to their catchment school from a non-catchment school. Additionally, no priority is given to students registering in a program who have siblings already at the school.

Also, the policy states: “Students, including those in Kindergarten, are entitled to attend the school serving the geographical catchment area in which they live, except as limited by available space“. There does not seem to be a policy for what happens if a student cannot attend their catchment school because of lack of space.

General Meeting – December 6, 2010


7:00 p.m. Van Bien Training and Development Centre

DPAC Minute Notes – Nov 1, 2010 Meeting

DPAC Income Statement – October 2010

DPAC October 2010 Event Report

DPAC Income Statement – November 2010

DPAC November 2010 Event Report

1.               Adoption of Agenda

2.               Adoption of November 1, 2010 Minutes

3.               PAC Networking Topic: (Policy 5119: School Catchment Area & Student Transfer)

4.               Reports

(a)                DPAC Chair Report

(b)               Treasurer’s Report

(c)                Superintendent Report

(d)               Trustee Report

(e)               PGDTA Report

(f)                 PGPVPA Report

(g)                CUPE Report

(h)               DSAC Report ( Special Leadership Presentation)

(5 – 10 minute coffee /Snack break)

5.               Committee Reports

(a)                EPPC Committee Report – Chris Finke (Alternate:  Don Sabo)

(b)               Education Services Committee Report– Stephen Shannon (Alternate:  Dennis Fudge)

(c)                Policy/Governance Committee Report –  Don Sabo (Alternate: Dennis Fudge)

(d)               Parent Involvement Committee – Cara Vandekraats

6.               Announcements/New Business

(a)                Policy 5119

(b)               Transportation Policy (courtesy riders)

(c)                Northern Interior Communities Association membership

(d)               Report on BCCPAC Fall Conference & Extra Ordinary Meeting Nov. 12 – 14th

(e)               Other

7.               Other Business

(a)          Other

8.               Agenda items for next meeting

9.               Adjournment – Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 10, 2010 at 7:00 pm Van Bien Training and Development Centre.


–          Minutes of November 1, 2010 Meeting

–     Treasurer’s Report