PAC Budgets


All money raised and kept should have a purpose. The following steps will enable your PAC to make a realistic plan, consistent with school goals:

  1. Invite the parent membership to create a wish list or survey all parents. Ask school staff through the Principal to prioritize a list as well. Avoid compete requests by individual staff requests.
  2. The list should not include items that are standard curriculum items that should be provided by the school district.
  3. Prepare a list of possible fundraisers and how much they are likely to raise.
  4. Come up with a realistic plan for the PAC, in consultation with the Principal, to ensure the plan fits with the school’s needs. Coordinate events with those of the school.
  5. Use the previous year’s budget and financial reports as a guide and prepare a budget. The budget should be passed before the current one expires.
  6. Once passed a budget can be amended by a note at a general meeting. The Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of income and expenses and to alert members of any important deviations from the budget.